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Mar 17, 2010 04:54 PM

The Epicure Sunny Isles, Miami Beach.

Paid a visit to this establishment last month. Everything looked delicious and the selections were plentiful. But the prices were outrageously high in my humble opinion. Am I being unreasonable? Do they only cater to a clientel consisting of millionaires? Or is the quality so superior that it justifies these prices?

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  1. The prices at Epicure are outrageously high, and yes, much of their clientele won't notice the difference.

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      Doctor -

      While I am no fan of the post-boom Sunny Isles scene (and the disappearance of the cool retro theme hotels and any glimpse of the sea for miles of lookalike condo towers) we had a brief stay in the area and found Epicure offered a lunch special at the deli -> any sandwich you like made to order with your choice of either a cup of the soup of the day, a side salad, or a piece of fruit plus a drink for $8. Eating out front at a breezy table made for a quick and relatively inexpensive picnic... or walk past the condo towers to the beach and enjoy the view.


      1. re: advisor_Girl

        Wow what a deal! Don't think they do that one here in sobe?

        Their prices are HIGH until you compare them to a restaurant's prices! Their quality is High too and you can find certain items priced right as AG eludes to with the $8 uber deal above! Their salads and some of their prepared foods are priced well. I remember getting a Poached Salmon salad and 4 Chicken Thighs there for under $15 one evening.

        Do not get me wrong, I wouldn't do my weekly grocery shopping there, but I would stop by and savour some of their daily delicacies once or twice a week.