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Anyone Tried Day Boat Cafe in Irvington Yet?

Saw this new place listed on Open Table and wondered if any hounds have checked it out yet? Website isn't really up yet.

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  1. I haven't tried it yet although it's on that endless list of mine but there was a write up on small bites about it....... http://lizjohnson.lohudblogs.com/2010...

    1. We went last night. Space is nice and airy, the place was pretty busy so it was LOUD. Menu is naturally mostly seafood/fish oriented. Food prices are good. Apps in the $10-11 range, entrees mostly in the high teens, low $20s. Wine list is limited and price range is high considering the moderate prices of the food. Not much you can get for under $40, and the $40 bottles run about $10 at retail. It was irritating to pay $40 for a pretty bad bottle of wine, and especially so given that so many restaurants in the area are offering more, not fewer, lower priced selections more in keeping with the idea of casual dining.

      We started out splitting 2 apps, mussels in beer broth and crispy oysters with tartar sauce. Both were very good and generously portioned. For entrees, my husband had the fish tacos. They were skimpy on the fish and they missed any kind of "zip." They had some kind of lime cream sauce that was a bit off to our tastes. I had scallops, served with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. They were fine, but nothing special. Service was not good, and the pacing of the meal wasn't either. The servers seemed overwhelmed by the crowds (probably an upsurge as a result of the recent NYT review). Our appetizers came out in seconds, and then we waited quite a while for the entrees. Our waiter never came over to check on us and no one came by to refill wine glasses, etc.

      I would try the place again, but only after giving the servers and the kitchen time to get their act together a bit more. Also, given that the starters were so much better than the entrees, we'd be inclined to do a bunch of small plates next time.

      1. I went there for lunch with a bunch of guys from work. We all tried the lobster roll. It was agreed by one and all that it was good, and also that it was rather expensive.

        1. We checked out Day Boat Cafe last night. We were going to sit outside but it was pretty hot out and while the outdoor area is pretty well enclosed, the fact remains that it overlooks the parking lot. So we opted for inside, which was great, because the interior is bright and airy and decorated in a cute nautical theme.

          Speaking of noise at the Cookery, this place is also very lively and while the noise is not deafening it's not a place for an intimate, quiet dinner (on a Friday night anyway). We were a little confused by the service at first, because about 4 different servers came over at different times, but the woman who ultimately turned out to be our server was excellent. I especially liked that she let us linger over our coffee for a while until we asked for our check.

          The food was really good, though it's still a little pricey (and popular in terms of reservations) to be a regular place for us. We loved the bread they served-- tiny warm rolls and cornbread with delicious butter-- and they appeared more than willing to refill, though we declined, because I could have eaten 17 of those rolls if given the chance. We chose the johnny cakes with smoked salmon and creme fraiche for an appetizer, which we both loved... creative and a delicious combo of flavors. I had the lobster roll, which I tried more out of curiosity than anything else, and while I'm not a connoisseur by any means (this is maybe only the 3rd lobster roll I've ever had) I didn't think that the price ($25) was terrible for the amount of lobster meat on the roll. It was so rich I could barely finish it. It came with fresh made fries that were great. My bf had the mahi mahi with bacony brussel sprouts. He was a little disappointed with the lack of bacon and bacon flavor (he counted 3 tiny pieces of bacon) but the mahi mahi was a beautiful piece of fish, simply prepared, but delicious. We skipped dessert to get ice cream elsewhere, but saw some tempting ice cream sandwiches passing by.

          Afterwards, we went and sat near Red Hat to watch the gorgeous sun set, and I debated between Day Boat and Red Hat-- Red Hat definitely wins on the view because Day Boat is not directly on the water. But I really liked the laid back vibe of Day Boat and the food is definitely less fussy and more to my liking. So here's what I'll do next time-- sunset drinks outside at Red Hat, dinner at Day Boat!

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            I had dinner here recently and agree with a lot of what you said. The outdoor area is not all that appealing, but the weather was not great when we were there anyway. The inside is nice and I didn't think the noise level was bad at all. We were a party of 6 at a round table and we had no problem with conversation.

            I started with a beet salad and my husband had the johnny cakes. Both were good. Others in our group had the sampling of 3 chowders, baked clams and 1/2 lobster. Everyone like their appetizers.

            I also had the mahi mahi, and while the brussel sprouts were not very bacon-y, I love any brussel sprouts and I enjoyed the dish. My husband had the fish chips, and others had the soft shell crabs (I think it was a special?), lobster roll, branzino and one more dish which I forgot.

            For dessert, we got a few of the ice cream sandwiches, which were huge and more than enough to share and we also had a bread pudding.

            Overall, it was a nice meal. Our friend who had the lobster roll has been mourning the loss of Ebb Tide (which I hated) and I think he was hoping for a replacement. Of course it's not even in the same category. A nice vibe all around at Dayboat Cafe.

            Ebb Tide
            1 Willett Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

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              Great review! This is definitely a nice option to have in the area.

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              I also agree with ice cream except that I think the lobster roll was overpriced. My DH had it and while it was full of lobster it still wasn't enough to warrent a $25.00 price tag. I had the same as your bf, the mahi mahi with brussel sprouts and your bf is right about the lack of bacon, I actually asked them for more bacon, other then the lack of bacon, it was a nice dish. Also the moby (like a kir royale) was very good but the Bloody Mary had alot to be desired.

              1. re: GIOny

                Like I said, I really have very little to compare it to, so as far as it being overpriced, I wasn't sure. I enjoyed it but I don't know if I would get it again, more because it was just so incredibly rich. For how nice the place is, though, I thought that the menu did have varied options in terms of price point, so you really don't have to break the bank there.

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                  agreed, I think it's a nice option for the area. I'm only comparing it to Cape Cod, which I have been to many many times, maybe that isn't fair. But there was a write up about a place in Brooklyn that is supposed to have really good Lobster rolls and they are $15.00 and they were comparing it to Manhattan prices which were in the $25.00 range, I just thought we should be lower then Manhattan.

                  1. re: GIOny

                    I saw this article in NY magazine recently about lobster rolls-- maybe the same article?
                    There are some places with $15 lobster rolls, but I guess the difference is most of them are dives (and from what I understand, one guy serves them clandestinely out of his own kitchen). The one sit down place with lobster rolls they mention has a price tag of $27, so I guess that's pretty comparable. I agree that Westchester should be lower than Manhattan, but unfortunately that's usually not the case......

            3. I went to Day Boat about a month ago. I'd grade it as "ok." We ate at the bar as we had no reservations and it was a bit crowded. The decor and atmosphere was good. The drinks were good. I had some oysters from the raw bar that were not. Limp, no bite, blah...didn't taste fresh. My wife had the crispy oyster, which she liked.

              I had the fish tacos as well. They were good, not great. As someone else said, no zip. They did have a nice, grilled flavor though, and there was plenty of fish in them. My wife had the mahi, which she said was ok, nothing special. I had ordered the brussel sprouts as a side, which never came, and I forgot about them. It was just as well, as I had more than enough food, but given the long time it took for the food to come out in the first place, it wasn't a plus for the service.

              This place is a decent, casual place to meet people or get a bite, but not a place worth a trip for. As I live in Irvington, I'll probably be back.

              I was thinking about Day Boat because I was eating at The Breslin in the city last night and had some of the best oysters I've had in a while, and I couldn't help but notice the contrast between the two restaurants. The Breslin was very good by the way, all around.

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                I basically agree with TD. There 3 or 4 weeks ago on a Sat. night. 2 couples. The room is attractive, but the food was meh (no better than Ebb Tide's at twice the price) and the noise was deafening. The food wasn't good enough to overcome the aural unpleasantness (and we're not overly sensitive to noise). Perhaps it was unusual that night -- there were a number of large, boisterous, female (i.e, a lot of high-pitched revelry) tables -- so any future visits will be on a week night.

              2. Is this place related to the Day Boat restaurant located in Roslyn that burned down? Same owners?

                Day Boat
                1361 Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn, NY