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Mar 17, 2010 04:02 PM

New Restaurant in Gladstone,NJ."SUBLIME".Anyone Else Have An Opinion?

I keep hearing great things about a new restaurant called SUBLIME in the old OPAH GRILLE location. I know that NATIRAR and its giant P.R. machine are hogging up all the spotlight but I keep being told this place is better. As far as the food goes anyway. Better food but not as pretentious and stuffy is what I'm told. Geared towards a hipper crowd from the looks of the website too. Anyone else have any opinion on it? I'm gonna make the trip anyway but was just curious.

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  1. We went the Saturday of Valentine's day weekend and I really enjoyed it.

    It was a freezing weekend if you remember and the restaurant was nice and warm. I hate a cold place.

    Had drinks at the bar, the husband a beer and I had their ginger martini, can't remember what they called it. Had vodka, fresh lime juice and house made ginger simple syrup. It was very tasty, he even added more syrup as I like that gingery bite.

    We sat down after drinks, the restaurant has two dining rooms, we ate at the one off the bar.

    For appetizer I had the crab and avocado salad, which was big pieces of jumbo lump crab and avocado with a nice tangy vinegrette that offset the richness of the crab and avocado nicely. Joe had the chicarrones, deep fried pork strips with a spicy dipping sauce. It was deep fried pork, what can you say. Not something neither us ever order, not sure why he did. They were just okay.

    For entree I had the boneless short ribs, with mashed potatoes and oven roasted root vegetables. They were great! Fall apart tender, seared nice and dark with a rich brown gravy. Drooling thinking about them. The mashed potatoes were also very good. I mean who can go wrong with mashed potatoes but sometimes they are just better than others, this was one of those. The roasted root veggies, mix of beets, carrots, parsnips and turnips were also tasty but maybe had a bit too much oil used in prep.

    Joe had the strip steak, with was a nice slab and properly cooked. Came with bacon potato hash which had an odd flavor, might have also been parsnips in there. He enjoyed it very much.

    We both took home doggie bags as the portions were large.

    He was too full for dessert, but I wasn't. I had the housemade chocolate truffle. It was six big truffles. I could only eat three and had the others during the week.

    They had no specials that night, not sure if that is the norm or not.

    All in all, I enjoyed it and would go back. I worry as it is sort of off the beaten path and hope they can keep getting business.


    1. Thanks Cathy. But REALLY only 1 person has a review. I'm going on Saturday so I guess I'll just have to post my own.

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        Gooter, I got the impression from a couple of your earlier posts that you had already eaten at Sublime (you mentioned that you really liked their cheesecakes).

        In any case, I'm assuming you went last night. Please let us know your impressions. I was a big fan of Opah Grill when it first opened but it seemed to go downhill in the last year or so before it closed. I hope Sublime doesn't repeat!

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          Yes ambrose I finally made it over there and everything I heard was dead on. Since it IS a restaurant first, let me start off by saying the food was incredible!! Great mix on the menu, definitely "ecclectic" for sure. Decor is really cool, real loungy at night. Dimly lit with this subtle blue lighting coming up from the floor too. Lots of candles, kinda hip, lounge/club music playing but not overpowering like in some other places that try to pull this kind of atmosphere off. You can still carry on a conversation. They are definitley going after a different crowd then the old Opah had. Much livelier than what most of the places in the area are like. I don't want to say younger but definitly different. Great mix of people. Any way don't want to get long winded so I'll just sum it up by saying it was an overall GREAT experience. From the drinks, to the service, to the food, the atmosphere, you name it. I'll be a regular now, that's for sure. That's just MY opinion though.......

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                I should have asked: who do you know that works there?

                Curiously, on March 17th, you were looking for comments on this place, claiming you'd never been. But 3 days prior, on March 14th, you were claiming that you had tried a bunch of their cheesecakes.

                1. re: tommy

                  Tried a friends takeout ( the cheesecake) prior to my posting for other opinions. She raved about the place but before I made the trip down I wanted some more views on the place. Any OTHER questions you wanna ask Tommy or will that do? And who do YOU work for by the way? Maybe their competition perhaps?

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                    Yes, I work for the competition.

                      1. re: tommy

                        Well, I guess a "friendly" competition seems to not apply on this one.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. After all the great comments about Sublime on CH and other sites, I was really looking forward to dining there. However, after spending a Thursday evening there earlier this month, I can only give it a mixed review. There were spots of excellance, so perhaps I just caught it on an off night, and would give it another try if the opportunity presented itself, but I'm not racing back there.

            We got to the restaurant around @ 7:30 p.m. First, the location. After driving through picturesque Gladstone, we were just a little bit thrown by the actual location. When we pulled into the parking lot behind the restaurant (the parking and entrance are in the rear) the surroundings were suprisingly industrial. The restaurant looks like it's next to an old factory or warehouse. That does not particularly bother me; I've eaten in many a great place in all sorts of locales, but it just wasn't what I expected for this one based on others' descriptions, and combined with the fact that there were almost no other cars in the lot, and the restaurant looked dark from the outside, we were not sure that we were in the right place or if they were still open for business. One of my party jumped out of the car and tried the door - - it was open and waved us in.

            We were seated in the main dining area, which has the bar area off at one end. (We passed a second dining room, but it was empty.) We were the only table seated in the restaurant, which always feels a bit strange to me. (About a 1/2 hour into our meal, a second table was seated, but that was it for the night.) There were some folks at the bar - - I'm guessing between five and ten patrons. Although the bar area is visible from the dining area, it is partially shielded, and it was a quiet group at the bar that night, so it did not intrude on our meal - - if anything, we welcomed the little bit of liveliness that the bar added to the otherwise empty place. For some reason, however, they were playing country music in the bar (and thus in the restaurant) the whole time we were there (about two hours). While I have nothing against country music, it felt very out of place for this restaurant; it was just the wrong sound track to accompany both the look of the restaurant and the food. In an earlier posting "Gooter" described the atmosphere as "Decor is really cool, real loungy at night. Dimly lit with this subtle blue lighting coming up from the floor too." I wouldn't go that far, although I could see that is the look they were going for (at least in the bar area); perhaps we were there too early in the evening to get the full effect. But in any event, the country music really clashed with that vibe and the overall atmosphere.

            While waiting for our dinner, we had two drinks from the martini menu + one glass of wine. My "Dirty Scoundrel" Martini (gin + olive juice) was wayyyyy too salty; too much olive brine. My friend had the white pear martini which had nice flavor but too strong, the alcohol overpowering the fresh juices in the drink.

            I started dinner with the fried baby artichokes appetizer. I love artichokes - - but never would have ordered "fried artichokes" were it not for reviews I had read; I'd be afraid that they'd be battered, deep fried, and greasy. Not at all the case. The artichokes are neither battered or greasy, but crisped so that the leaves have a tissue paper-like consistency. Unfortunately, they are so drowned in a garlic aioli and buried under a blizzard of shaved parmiggiano reggiano that no artichoke flavor comes through at all. Just the salt flavor from of the aioli and the parmiggiano.

            One dinner companion had the black bean soup for an appetizer and it was very, very good. Nice portion, right temperature, consistency, delicious flavor, etc. The other friend started with a salad which also looked very nice, with a half sliced avocado topping a sizeable bed of greens.

            For my main course, I enjoyed the Tuna Khatsu - which was three or four "squares" of panko crusted tuna loin, cooked very rare. It was excellant. I was concerned that the portion would be too small, but I was pleasantly full by the time I finished the last piece. The fish was fresh and flavorful and cooked exactly right. I don't recall the sides.

            My friend had the N.Y. Strip Steak, which she said had excellant flavor, but "rough." I asked if she meant it was "tough," and she explained that the parts she could eat were tender and flavorful and not tough at all. However, other parts of her portion had such tough gristle that she could not eat it. I noticed she left about a third of her steak uneaten. Luckily, it was a large enough serving that even with leaving so much behind she said she was satisfied.

            For dessert we shared the apple crisp which was very good; a ramiken of warm apple "pie" with a cinammon / crumb top beneath vanilla ice cream. We also shared the milk chocolate praline pudding which was, well, chocolate pudding. I can't really complain because the waitress accurately described it to me (making sure I was aware that it is milk chocolate, not dark chocolate, and that it is pudding and not a mousse.) Nonetheless, I wonder why it is even on the menu. It was simply bland milk chocolate pudding. - - with very little chocolate flavor.

            Our server was very professional yet friendly, making recommendations when asked and volunteering information about dishes that she thought we would be interested in.

            Dinner for three plus the drinks came to @ $180 before tip.

            1. My husband and I went Saturday night. We first went to the bar for a drink. They have 1/2 price beer, wine and apps in the bar from 5-7. The bar was lively. We ended up ordering a drink and the Thai Mussels. The bartender, who was sweet and very helpful, told us that the chef recommends shucking all of the mussels first so you can eat the mussels and broth like a soup. We followed the suggestion and they were delicious.

              We moved to the dining room for dinner. Our waitress, Cathy, did not approach our table for quite a while, in fact, she approached the 4 top that was seated after us first. By the time she finally came over to take our drink order, we had been waiting for 15 minutes and were ready to order.

              My husband order the short ribs (Burgundy braised beef shortribs served over yukon gold smashed potatoes with oven roasted root vegetables) and I ordered the scalloips (Pan seared diver sea scallops over truffled smashed potatoes with sweet creamed corn and fried leeks). The short ribs were not as tender as we would have liked. My scallops were overcooked. We both suspect that the potatos served with both dishes were the same.

              Cathy did not return to check on us. She was disorganized in handling the check. She apologized and claimed having a blond moment.

              Overall, go for the bar and apps and skip the meal.

              Sublime Restaurant & Lounge
              12 Lackawanna Avenue, Gladstone, NJ 07934

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                One of the owners of Sublime read my comments and contacted us. He enticed my husband and I to give them another try. We went back on Friday night and agreed that it was well worth it!

                We started with a drink in the bar. The bar was buzzing with people and a nice environment. We moved to our table for dinner. Our waiter was very attentive and friendly. I started with the Crab and Avocado Salad (Jumbo lump blue crabmeat with avocado, red onion, cilantro and a lemon/thyme vinaigrette). It was full of crab and delicious. My hubby had the Thai Curried Mussels which I ate more of my share of.

                On to our entrees. I had the Filet Mignon (Grilled 9oz. golden angus beef tenderloin wrapped in applewood smoked bacon over chipotle smashed potatoes with buttermilk hushpuppies and maple gastrique). The meat was done to perfection, tasty and tender. The sides were great. The portion was enormous and I brought the rest home. My husband had the Venison Osso Bucco (Rioja braised venison osso bucco over herbed reggiano polenta topped with buttermilk onion rings). Very tender meat with a rich and delicious sauce. Again, the side were very good.

                A grapefruit ice for dessert was excellent and a perfect choice since we didn't have room for anything heavy.

                I am really glad we tried it again. It was a huge turnaround. I hope our first experience was just a fluke.

                Sublime Restaurant & Lounge
                12 Lackawanna Avenue, Gladstone, NJ 07934

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                  I have heard good things about the place just have not made it there yet.

                  1. re: dawnj

                    > One of the owners of Sublime read my comments and contacted us.

                    How did he do that? Did he go find your credit card receipt from Saturday night?

                    1. re: GraydonCarter

                      I think he looked at our reservation, comments here and our coupon.