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Mar 17, 2010 02:19 PM

Restaurants in Malloca

Looking for restaurant recommendations for our visit to Majorca this May. I have done a search and cannot find much on this board. Thanks!

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  1. You won't find much on Chowhound - Mallorca's not a part of Spain that Americans tend to visit. You might generally do better looking at sites for North European tourists as it is very popular with us.

    But as to recommendations much might depends on where you're staying and how far you want to travel.

    I'm most familiar with the north & east of the island (say around Pollensa & Soller). There's a very active Pollensa forum (in English) that has a pretty good restaurant section - as with any board, you'll need to wade through to establish what are the "quality" places. If that's the part of the island that's of interest, I can offer some specifics.

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      I was invited to the restaurant Miramar in Port d'Andraitx; most fond memories. Sort of old Mallorca.

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        Apologies to any geography anoraks reading this - in a moment of madness I uprooted the lovely town of Soller (and it's less than lovely nearby tourist area) from the west to the east coast.

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          Thanks! We have a car and will be there for 6 days, so will travel anywhere! Let me know some specifics when you get a chance.

          1. re: AllisonC711

            Two to get you started:-

            S'Atic in Port de Soller (great views over the bay - go for the tasting menu if it still on offer)). And Restaurante Jardin in Port de Alcudia. Both fairly upscale and both offering a "modern Mallorcan" style of cooking.

            I'd have a range of reccs around Pollensa but not worth the schlep if you were staying on the other side of the island. Where are you staying, BTW?

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              Harters, do you have any rec's in or near Sant Joan?

              1. re: schtroumpfette

                I'm afraid I've never stayed inland so don't have much useful information about the area. That said, had a good "tipico" lunch at Es Celler in Petra (only a few clicks away). Trempo and a more "normal" salad for starters; Tumbet and roast kid for mains.

                1. re: Harters

                  These recommendations are better than nothing. I'll certainly make a trip to Petra. Thank you!