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Mar 17, 2010 12:57 PM

Columbian Peaberries - sweet!

Rather than doing mail order I've been getting green coffee beans from one of the two local places that offer them. The less expensive source is within walking distance to me and has consistently fresh green beans....except that I don't always know what kind of bean I will be buying from batch to batch. This I found more than acceptable since I've just begun in the last year or so to roast and grind my own. Well, yesterday was my lucky day. I found out from the very nice man the beans offered at the moment were Columbian Peaberries. They roasted in my skillet, and ground in my stone grinder like a dream! I didn't wait the usual 4, 5 days after roasting. I ground it the next day, and waited 1/2 hour before making it with my Aeropress. It tasted like sweet nectar. Very round, smooth, and really, strangely, sweet.
Any more information on the different kinds of peaberries? Are some sweeter than others?

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  1. Have you checked out the Sweet Maria's website? There is a ton of coffee bean information on there if you have the patience to dig a little for it. It's made a green bean geek out of me. I know I've read about peaberry coffee there...

    1. Would you mind elaborating on your "stone grinder"? What exactly is that, where did you get it and what do you use it for?

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        Yes, HLing! More about that stone grinder, please!

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          Currently having some internet problem myself (sorry, free dialup is nice but way way too slow to get anywhere), but if you do a search for : "HLing, Quern" you'll find some posts from the past couple of years.