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simple chicken & artichoke cozy dishes?!? please

I am looking for something you like to make again and again. Simple, weeknight fare. Maybe something stew-y, cozy to take the chill off these first spring evenings. Could be creamy or with tomatoes (or both). I found a few ideas on epicurious but I wondered if anyone here has any favorites... to be honest, I don't have time (no lectures please) to deal with fresh artichokes but I'm open to marinated or frozen artichoke hearts. I prefer bone-in, skin-on chicken.

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  1. This recipe is pretty much the one I have made on and off for 25 years, it's a classic. Haven't made it for awhile, but now that you have reminded me of it, I will!


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      That sounds really, really good. Thanks for posting.

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        That sounds good. How do you feel about subbing madiera for the sherry?

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          That's almost a chicken jerusalem recipe - a classic San Francisco dish. Instead of canned artichoke hearts, it would use fresh artichoke bottoms.

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            Gretchen -- Do you do this casserole with bone-in skin-on chicken ? It looks sooo good

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              Yes, I use bone-in skin-on breasts. And I don't see why you couldn't sub Madeira for sherry; I know I have subbed dry vermouth and although I prefer sherry in this, vermouth's not bad when that's all that is in the cupboard.

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                I am going to try it probably tonight Gretchen, but I'd like it slightly creamy -- hmmm. Sour cream? I know it appears in lots of casseroles.... wouldn't want a weird texture for the sauce though. A little half and half? Ideas?

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                  I'd probably go the cream or half and half route rather than sour cream, not sure why, just seems like the tanginess of sour cream might not work. Let us know what you do!

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                    So I made this and I liked the combination of flavors BUT -- I found the cooking time wayyyy off! Recipe calls for 375, covered for 40 minutes, for 3 lbs cut up chicken. That meant raw meat in my kitchen!

                    I ended up keeping them in for more than an hour (ack) and then I had to leave the house so I finally took them out, prob at an hour 15, having removed cover after seeing how raw the chicken still was at 40 mins. And still they were pink in the middle. Grrrr.

                    Ideas on adjusting cooking time? Or -- Maybe higher heat?

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                      that's odd... any chance your oven is inaccurate? if not, were your pieces of chicken unusually thick? also, what kind of pan/dish did you bake in?

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              Do you see any reason this couldn't be assembled ahead of time? Maybe even cooked and reheated? I try to take things to elderly MIL that we can have a meal on while we're there and then leave her a couple of meals of leftovers. She's not much of a vegetable lover and this (and other dishes here) sound great.

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                Way back in the day this was one of my go-to dinner party dishes and I did do it ahead (undercooked the chicken a bit) and reheated. I'd do that and take the slightly undercooked chicken out and pack it into the leftovers that way. Add it's delicious with small roasted red potatoes. And now that you made me think of it, I think I'll take a batch for my ditto parents (not allowed to use the e-word!! we subsitute "beloved" *rolls eyes* but actually it makes them laugh evey time) next weekend.

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                Oh my god, this was good. I re-crisped the chicken (leg quarters) under the broiler just before serving over egg noodles. I used button mushrooms and chanterelles, and added a pinch of saffron, just because. Very delicious.

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                  Christina, what was your cooking temp and time??

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                    Baking temp was close to 200C (around 400F?), and it only took about 25-30 minutes to finish everything, including the crisping. I might have jacked the heat slightly at the end.

                    My full write-up of the recipe is here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/2962...

                    I probably should have adjusted the bake time in the link above. Oops.

              3. I make this often- with artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, olives, capers- whatever is in the fridge. I usually use frozen or canned artichokes, not marinated.

                Basically, you want to brown chicken strips or chunks in a large skillet, and then remove to a plate. Saute your vegetables and add chicken back in. Use a can or two of tomatoes (crushed, diced, stewed) and thin out with a little water. Add salt, pepper, thyme, oregano. Let the sauce reduce a bit and add in your olives or capers- if you add too soon it'll be too salty.

                I like to serve this over brown rice with some fresh basil on top.

                1. Our favorite chicken/artichoke dish is also very simple. I never measure the ingredients but this is close - chop two large onions, saute in olive oil and 2 tablespoons butter. When the onions are soft add one (or two) diced clove garlic, 1/2 - 3/4 cup sliced mushrooms (I use jarred/drained) and one can drained artichoke hearts, salt and pepper. Stir often until heated through. Add equal amounts heavy cream/milk to make sauce . Add tarragon to taste and bring to a simmer. Stir in a good sprinkling of parmesan cheese. I spoon this over baked chicken breasts. Delicious.

                  1. This is super easy and one of my favorite dishes to make. :)

                    In a 9x13 pan lined with foil (for easy cleanup), combine 1 package (9 pieces) boneless skinless chicken thighs (or other ... I just like that dark meat is very forgiving), 2 lbs or so small new potatoes cut in half, one package frozen artichoke hearts. Toss together with salt and pepper, 1-2 Tbs olive oil, maybe 1 tsp dried oregano, and 1-2 Tbs smoked paprika. Bake at 400 for an hour, or til golden brown. :)

                    Note: You could also substitute lemon zest for the smoked paprika, and then bake the whole thing with some of the lemon slices.

                    There's also this Mediterranean chicken stew:

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                      Do you add any liquid to the pan? A litte broth or citrus?

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                        Just the olive oil -- the chicken is juicy enough on its own, and those juices mix with the potatoes and artichoke hearts. For the lemon variation, I like using the zest vs. juice b/c sometimes the juice can make the final product taste a bit sharp.

                    2. This is quick and easy.

                      Lightly pan-fry some polenta in canola or olive oil and set aside. Take artichokes, some garlic, some salt and about 2 tsp of olive oil and sauté until the artichokes are just a little bit light brown on the edges. Then, add the chicken (or shrimp), some capers, some lemon juice (from one lemon should be enough), and some pepper. After everything is just about done, I add just a little bit of white wine, scrape up anything that's stuck to the pan and cook it down. At the very end, I take it off the heat and add a little bit of butter Top the polenta with the artichoke and chicken or shrimp mixture. As a side dish, I'll wilt some spinach to serve on the side. A quick grate of parmesan and dinner's on!

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                        I do a similar one, but use boneless breasts - cut into bite size pieces, saute in a little olive oil, add can/jar of hearts, squeeze a lemon, toss about a tbsp of oregano, salt and pepper. If you use canned then you should add a little more oregano.

                        I can imagine if you want to do it with bone in, that you can saute to brown each side, then add everything else and toss in the oven till cooked through. I've made this for my christmas party a few times, and always a hit. I like serving with rice.

                      2. my favorite all time bone in chix dish and although the recipe doesn't call for artichokes - I really see them added in to make it even better - soooo easy but the flavors are outstanding. Serve over rice or couscous or quinoa to sop up the wonderful juices!! It's roasted chicken with cherry tomatoes and marjoram. It's talked about in another thread where someone just made it and LOVED it!!!


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                          lexpatti -- Guess what? I actually just made that very dish -- first time for a friend's birthday last week-- after reading your suggestion on this dish on another thread (below, another great chicken thread incidentally) and YES this is a divinely easy delicious meal. Adding artichokes would be great! I cut the cherry tomatoes in halves and/or quarters, depending on size and I am sooo glad that I went for the fresh marjoram. thanks for the great tip! We soaked up the juice with crunchy bread -- I can see with Israeli couscous or buttery orzo even next time.


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                            ahhhhh, very kewl!! Must be that I've recently posted this one on several threads! Sooo glad you loved it. I can't wait to make it with fresh marjoram - someone posted a picture recently too. I think lemon juice would be nice too. I often buy grape tomatoes instead of cherry and I bet lil new potatoes would work well too.

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                            lexpatti -- How is this served room temp? I was considering this dish for a potluck tomorrow evening, first time gathering with these women and I'd like to va-voom them :) Sesame noodles could work too, but I would like to do this one. Can it work room temp or even slightly warm??? I could cook it and then head to the home of the hostess with the dish tightly covered with foil, or do it tonight. I personally like cold chicken on warm evenings...

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                              you will have to let me know, I haven't tried it at room temp. I'm thinking it would work but just no juices to sob up - that might start to solidify (maybe).

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                                good point. I wasn't certain, so I ended up going with sesame noodles with broccoli and ginger-- Browniebaker's recipe for a tahini-based sauce -- and I think I'll just enjoy the chicken on my own.

                          3. I dump chicken, a couple jars of marinated artichoke hearts with their liquid, a big handful of peeled whole garlic cloves, some small new potatoes , dry or fresh thyme or herbs de provence and a splash of broth or white wine in a baking dish. Bake covered first & then take off the foil. Times depend on if I am using thighs or breasts & if they have the bone or not. Super yummy one dish meal.

                            1. This is super quick and tasty. I use either poached chicken breasts (usually bone-in skin-on) or rotisserie chicken. Sorry, I don't measure this one.

                              Tortellini with Artichokes, Chicken and Pesto

                              Cook some cheese tortellini (1 to 2 nine-ounce packages of fresh tortellini, depending on whether or not you want to go heavy on the pasta). Meanwhile, remove the chicken (about 1/2 a rotisserie chicken or two breasts) from the bone and cut into bite-sized pieces. Put a jar of marinated, mostly drained artichokes in a skillet over medium heat. Add 3 to 4 diced roma tomatoes and heat through. Add chicken to skillet and toss with about 2/3 of a container of refrigerator pesto. Add more of the artichoke marinade if it is too dry.

                              When the tortellini is done, drain it and toss with the remaining pesto, and then mix with the chicken mixture. Toss with parmesan to taste.

                              This is tasty hot, room temp or cold as a salad.

                              1. I do something very similar to this casserole with chicken, artichokes and mushrooms: http://www.chow.com/recipes/10842 It's very comforting and tasty.

                                1. I love this dish! The olives really make it for me but you don't have to add if you don't like them.


                                  1. Saute the thighs (I use boneless but with skin; you'll have to cook bone-in a little longer) in seasoned olive oil until nicely browned. Pop 'em in a 350 oven in a baking dish while you add whole or halved artichoke hearts to the pan, along with some mushrooms, diced red bell pepper and shallots. Season well. Add butter, capers and garlic. Cook all until the garlic's fragrant. Add bread crumbs and toss at the last minute. Top the cooked chicken with this mixture and serve (let it rest just a moment).

                                    1. I made a great one this week, lovely and cozy on a chilly rainy night--
                                      Chicken Fricassee with mushrooms and artichokes!

                                      I found this recipe on Epicurious (link below) and adapted it slightly for time and money considerations, and I will definitely make it again. Very simple preparation --

                                      8 chicken thighs, bone-in, skin-on
                                      8 ounces mushrooms (I used non-fancy white mushrooms)
                                      1 can artichoke hearts
                                      2 shallots
                                      2 carrots
                                      2 cloves garlic, minced
                                      1/4 cup white wine
                                      1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth
                                      1/4 cup creme fraiche

                                      Peel the carrots and slice thinly. Slice the shallots thinly. Wipe off the mushrooms with a damp paper towel and slice. Set aside.

                                      Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Brown chicken on both sides -- I used my favorite lovely red Le Creuset pot, which is so wonderful for this kind of dish. Remove chicken from pot and throw the veggies in the pot (carrot, shallot, mushroom). Sautee 5 minutes, then add the garlic and sautee one minute more. Even with the fat from the chicken, the pan may be dry -- so I added a little olive oil here. Add 1/4 cup white wine -- bring to boil. Then add the chicken broth. Bring to a boil again, then set the chicken back in the pan, reduce heat to med-low, cover pan, and cook 20 minutes. Turn chicken over, cover again, and cook 15 minutes longer. (I did all of this the night before, then gently reheated and finished up with the sauce below right before serving).

                                      Remove chicken with the vegetables from pan and cover to keep warm. Whisk 1/4 cup creme fraiche into the liquid, bring to boil, add salt and pepper, and reduce a bit. Spoon sauce over the chicken and vegetables.

                                      The sauce is rich and luscious. WOW. I served this with buttered Israeli couscous, YUM. My guest and I were amazed. I will make this again, and it is a great budget meal actually, with these ingredients about $20 to serve 4 people. Even cheaper with sour cream, but I decided to splash out with the creme fraiche, and I'm glad.

                                      original recipe, which uses fresh artichokes and morel mushrooms and fresh thyme: