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Mar 17, 2010 11:28 AM

Finally decent Indian food in TO/WLV!!

Recently opened in the Water Court Plaza on Hampshire (near Westlake Thai, aka Pookie’s) in WLV.

Some of you may remember my complaints about Kohinoor on Los Arboles and the lack of decent Indian food in the WLV/TO area. Well that has changed now.

I’ve been to Bollywood 3 several times trying numerous dishes. While it is not outstanding or the best Indian food I’ve ever had, it is definitely acceptable and great to have in this area. The service is prompt and friendly and all who work they seem to be genuinely concerned that each customer is satisfied.

The place is small (the former Westlake Thai and Kumo Sushi place), about a dozen tables. They did a nice job of decorating so it has a nice albeit simple atmosphere.
I have tried the Chicken and Lamb Tikka Masala, Samosas, and Lamb Vindaloo. Their Naan is very good. Although I requested very spicy, they were not hot enough for me. I have this with most Indian and Thai places, but I guess it’s just my personal situation.

I must comment that they did just open and seem to be working on getting everything worked out, as is understandable.

More visits are in order and I am thrilled to be able to get good Indian food here now. Please let me know if you go and what you had and how you liked it.

Here is their website:

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  1. Hi, LesThePress!
    We were there last of four, so we had a chance to try several dishes.
    Overall, I completely agree with your assessment: " is not is definitely acceptable and great to have in this area."

    My standard is saag paneer (spinach with Indian cheese cubes). The cheese bits were too rubbery and flavorless, but the spinach was good. It was not greasy and had a nice fresh taste. It was far from the best I have had, but it was good.

    The mixed green salad was fresh, but there was nothing special about it; it was served with thousand island dressing. I think that here was an opportunity missed for more creativity.

    The chicken tikka was tasty, but dry.

    The chicken masala, their specialty, was enjoyed by everyone in our party. I agree with you, LesThePress, that it could have been spicier for my palate.

    The polau rice was pretty and well cooked. We topped it with some raita (yogurt mix) which was a little too gelatinous for my tastes. The mango chutney was good, but again, it was nothing unusual. I would have liked a little sweet-sour hit with this.

    Perhaps the highlight of our meal was their peshwari naan (Indian bread); it was stuffed with coconut, raisins and almonds. It tasted like a pasty and was a nice accompaniment with our entrees.

    I would have liked the gulab jaman (Indian donut in honey/rose water syrup) served hotter and the pistachio kulfi (Indian ice cream) served colder. The kulfi was served almost as a liquid. Perhaps it sat on the counter for too long before it was delivered to our table.

    The Indian tea was good, although a little mild compared to others I have had.

    It was their grand opening and they were full on a Tuesday night in the Conejo Valley! I was glad to see that they were busy. Service was okay.

    I know that my report is not glowing. This is not Raj, the wonderful Indian restaurant that was in this very location many years ago. It is another option and brings Indian food to this area.

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    1. re: liu

      Hey Liu, my wife and I were there last night too!! (6:15 - 7:15).

      My wife enjoyed the saag paneer (I don't care for spinach) and she acually liked the cheese cubes and wished there were more of them!

      We didn't get salad or Chicken Tikka, but I thought the Chicken Tikka Masala was lesser than the other times I had it. The chicken in it was a little dry and it didn't have as much sauce as previously. We usually have Rita but the way it was last night no one took an order just brought out a couple of dises, rice and naan (and samosas). Did they let you order? Obviously since we didn't order it the CTM had no spice at all.

      I will definitely try the mango chutney and the Peshwair Naan next time. My feeling is that at an event like this the food is never up to the regular standards.

      I have talked many times with Munim, the owner, and he seems sincere in doing things right to please his customers. I'll address both of our comments with him. He did tell me he is looking (in a few months) to find a larger location.

      1. re: LesThePress

        Hi, Les!
        We were there at 6:30pm; I think you sat at the table next to ours. Were you facing into the restaurant with your back to the kitchen area? We were four in the corner with all the balloons, near the entrance to the kitchen!

        Yes, we did order. How did they happen to just serve you? Were you part of the Chamber group?

        I do suggest an order of their Peshwari Naan; if you like sweet bread, this was delicious! Next time, I would like to sample some of their other breads.

        1. re: liu

          Yes, we were at the 2 top in front of the bar (counter) in the middle. There were balloons allover, you must have been at the table to the left as you enter, next to a lady dining alone! That's funny!!

          We saw some people with menus but didnt' really see anyone ordering. Yes, we just sat there and (after a while) they brought out the dishes I mentioned. Since it was complimentary I really didn't feel like compaining!!!

          I'm anxious to go back and try more items. I was introduced to Indian Food in London many years ago and haven't found any place in the US to compare! Too bad, it was really outstanding!

          1. re: LesThePress

            You're right! There were balloons all over, but they seemed to hover in our corner...and we were, in fact, celebrating a birthday! Yes, you were to my immediate right; I had my back to the interior of the restaurant. Well, hello, Neighbor!

            Complimentary? The person who took our reservation told me on the phone that our dinner would be complimentary. (No one has ever told me that before!!!) But, we did order and we were charged...with a small discount for the grand opening. Hmmmmmm?
            Of course, we would have preferred to have gone with the flow of the evening restaurant celebration, but no one explained anything to us. Oh well.

            We, too, experienced our introduction to Indian food in London. It was too many years ago to remember, so I can't compare ours in the States to that. Of course, Artesia offers some good options.

            Well, now I know who you are. I'm sure we will bump into each other again soon.

            1. re: liu

              You're right, there wasn't much instruction about how the evening was being done. Nothing was said when I made the reservation or when we sat down.

              Before we left I offered to pay Mumim and he said no it was on them. Maybe becuase I was his 1st customer (opening day) and have been in so many times? Maybe if you ordered you had to pay? Who knows??

              We're going to the new Bellini Osteria Saturday night (in the old Mandlevilla location). I'll report back on our experience there!

              See ya neighbor!

              Bellini Osteria
              951 South Westlake Village Blvd, Westlake Village, CA 90361

              1. re: LesThePress

                Bellini Osteria -- I'll anxiously await your review!

                Bellini Osteria
                951 South Westlake Village Blvd, Westlake Village, CA 90361