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Suggestions for flourless chocolate cake or chocolate mousse?

I'm bringing a dessert to passover, and want to bring a knock-your-socks-off flourless chocolate cake or mousse. Any suggestion? Does Dorie Greenspan have a good recipe?
(Dairy is permitted at the passover, btw.)

Many thanks!


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  1. This totally doesn't answer your question and I want to say in advance that I love flourless chocolate cake, but I was watching an old Julia and Jacques episode last night (souffles), and when Pepin mentioned flourless chocolate cake, Julia cut him off and interjected (paraphrasing here), "That has to be the dumbest name ever for a dish----who cares if it has flour in it?"

    What a treasure she was.

    1. Julia Child's chocolate mousse is a classic.

      1. I've been making these flourless chocolate cupcakes for a few years; they're divine. I don't use the frosting they suggest. I make mini ones and they're a little bite of heaven: http://www.cupcakeproject.com/2008/04...

        Also, a flourless chocolate pear torte: http://curiouslyravenous.blogspot.com...

        And, here's a thread from last year with a similar request:

        1. I've been very happy with this flourless chocolate cake, which I make both on Passover and during the rest of the year: http://myglutenfreecookbook.blogspot....
          I always add a pinch of salt. On Passover, I don't really have lots of liqueurs around, so I've used a teaspoon or so of vanilla.

          1. Have I got a great blog post for you! Deb at Smitten Kitchen touched on this last year, and darn, if this isn't some inspiring reading: http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/04/17-...

            1. how about nigella's nutella cake? i make it a lot and get rave reviews! there's a real 'wow' factor to the cake ...


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                I don't think there's any kosher-for-Passover Nutella out there, if you are particular about that.

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                  Last year I roasted hazelnuts in the oven, peeled off their skins, and then ground them in the food process. I poured in just made chocolate ganache (made with kosher for passover chocolate), and whirred it together for the best chocolate hazelnut filling ever. Totally kosher for Passover!

              2. I recently made Cook's Illustrated's Triple Layer Mousse Cake and it was fabulous. The cake on the bottom is flourless, topped with a layer of chocolate mousse and then a layer of white chocolate mousse on top of that.

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                  Would you mind posting the recipe for that? Sounds great!

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                    I made this for dessert last night, and it was a huge hit. Thanks again! :-)


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                      Isn't it delicious? And dangerously light...meaning I could eat that whole thing if I'm not careful.

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                        Very light! It was good and bad that there wasn't any left! This ended up serving 18 people btw, because everyone wanted to try some, lol.

                  2. I'm going to try this one on Saturday. It looks like it will either be really good or taste like chocolate scrambled eggs! I'll let you know


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                      FYI - for those looking for a Passover recipe, the epicurious recipe has corn syrup which would typically not be allowed for passover.

                    2. Every year, my in-laws demand this, a huge hit always:

                      1. The River Cafe's 'Chocolate Nemesis' is magnificent. Has a reputaton for being impossible to make at home but it worked brilliantly for me the couple of times I've made it. Use a bitter sweet chocolate.


                        1. Nigella's Chocolate Cloud cake is heavenly, easy and has such a 'wow' factor! I'm making it again as one of my Easter desserts.