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Mar 17, 2010 10:39 AM

Birthday lunch in Dallas

Seeking recs for a birthday lunch for a lady who will be celebrating her 75th, but is still very young at heart and very adventurous in her pursuit of food and wine. Location can be anywhere in Dallas, but North Dallas or Plano would be preferable. Should be an upscale type place since it is a 75th birthday. Not sure if it's all that relavent, but all attendees will be ladies. TIA.

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  1. Rise No. 1 is the perfect place for you young ladies to celebrate this momentous occasion! Aurora and Seventeen Seventeen would be great options, too. I think there are more options in Dallas, but Loft 610, Cadot, or Jasper's are places consider in Plano.

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        Second Cadot and Rise ... two of my favorite places, and both good for a celebration.

        Cadot Restaurant
        18111 Preston Rd # 120, Dallas, TX 75252

    1. Try Oceannaire at the Galleria. Delicious seafood, beautiful atmosphere and certainly upscale

      1. I am 73, female, and live in Plano. I would most definitely vote for Rise.