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Thali Coming to Westport CT

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I just saw a sign near Trader Joes that Thali is coming to one of the empty store fronts. That will be good news for the Westport Hounds

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  1. really? I'm thrilled, though surprised they'd pick that location given the proximity to Bombay.

    1. Is Bombay all that good? Thali should be better, if the one in New Canaan is any indication.

      Better yet is Coromandel in Darien.

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        Yes, Bombay is very good. In fact, my favorites are Thail (though I find it too expensive), Bombay, and Coromandel in Orange.

      2. After reading the review of the new Westport Thali on CTBites.com, we popped in for lunch the other day. We are not very familiar with Indian food, haven't had it in ages, so their small plates menu was very appealing.
        When we sat down they brought a plate of bread with a little bowl of spiced oil and I think cilantro butter. We shared 5 small plates for lunch between 2 of us. The lamb croquettes, which were so tiny and cute I burst out laughing when I saw them. There were 6 little bites, each one on a dollop of sauce. Very moist and juicy. Then we had a bowl of jonah crab in a light coconut broth. I was expecting it to be a cold salad, but it was hot and a little spicy and delicious. The third dish was the Tandoor grilled shrimp, 3 large, perfectly cooked shrimp in a martini glass with a shredded lettuce and pepper salad. Then we had the Pepper and Ginger Skirt Steak on a Naan with some Raita. Very very good. Our last dish was the tibetan steamed chicken dumplings with a smoked tomato chutney. These were the only one I wouldn't get again. Not very flavorful, the dumpling wrappers were on the chewy side and there was no smokey flavor in the sauce. Other than that, everything was very good. We would definitely return to try more!

        1. I have been to the one in New Canaan as well as Westport. A wonderful, fun and different take on Indian food. FULL of flavor and a "must go".

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