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Mar 17, 2010 09:19 AM

Driving to Austin

Anything good to eat on the drive from New Orleans to Austin? Looking for tasty and CHEAP, and recommendations in the city for good, inexpensive food is welcome!

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  1. Stop at Hruska's in Ellinger TX on your way. Good kolaches, and Dublin Dr Pepper.

    1. I'm actually going to be taking a vacation the other direction in a few weeks and would also like to know this.

      1. I would recommend stopping in the Lafayette (Acadiana) area. A good hot plate lunch can be found at Poche's, a specialty meat market and more. They usually have crawfish ettouffe, smothered pork, plus a few other options. Hearty cajun food...the real deal.Their crawfish boudin is tasty and unique. The place is just a few miles north of I-10 at the Breaux Bridge exit. A little further down I-10 and west of Lafayette is a place called The Best Stop. Who sells the best boudin is a question eternally debated, but The Best Stop is always in that conversation. They also sell a smoked version of their boudin, a nice treat if you don't mind eating the casing. The boudin balls are also divine. I can't leave out their jerky, either. I'm not a huge jerky eater, but this stuff is addictive. And don't leave without a small bag of seasoned cracklin'! It's a couple miles north of I-10 at the Scott exit. Whenever I drive that route, I time it to stop at these places, among others. Gotta give a tip of the cap to Hruska's baked goods as well.

        1. You should probably post this on some other boards as well - Houston, Central South and the Texas board might yield some help. (Whoa, CH mods, maybe there should be a board called "road trip!?!?") It also might help to know if you are stopping any place in particular, what kinds of food you are seeking, and if you are willing to get off the highways! Hruska's rocks, and you can try Weikel's down the road in LaGrange for a comparison (Hruska's are the current fave in our house) - a friend likes the BBQ place in Ellinger, but I haven't had it. If you happen to be within spitting distance of Lexington on a Saturday AM, it would be worth the detour for some pretty great brisket, but if you head up to Elgin almost any time you can get some good bbq.