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Mar 17, 2010 09:18 AM

Quick differences between Town Hall and Salt House

I have an international work colleague staying in Fisherman's wharf and was thinking one of these two for a dinner since it's. The colleague has no preference on what to eat.

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  1. Food is in the same category of quality. Salt House is more modern in appearance, and in menu, although may not quite pull off the complexity of the dishes. (Salt House had fois gras three ways when I was there, for example) Town Hall looks like Americana, serves a few things more southern inspired (I had excellent sand dabs cooked carefully with mushrooms), the dishes are very well put together with larger portions and the service is excellent. I think most people believe Town Hall has an edge in food, which jives with my experience. I prefer the atmosphere at Salt House. Both have good cocktail programs, Salt House has a large oyster board. Hope that helps.

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        Hubby and I love Town Hall! We often order 2-3 apps, 1 entree and occasionally dessert to share with coffee for the two of us and often go home with leftovers. IMHO, their apps are much stronger than their entrees. Reservations are a must.

        Town Hall Restaurant
        342 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105