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Mar 17, 2010 08:24 AM

Bolocco vs. Qdoba vs. Chipotle

Which of the 3 burrito chains do you think is the best? Or are they all decidedly ho-hum?

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  1. Chipotle is the best of that bunch. Anna's and Boca Grande which are Boston specific chains are much better.

    1. Boloco. Their new goloco salad options is great. They certainly have the largest selection of ingredients (love the corn salsa, black bean hummus, brown rice, white meat chicken, creamy slaw, tofu, I could go on). After Boloco, I go for Chipotle, although I find their food to be incredibly salty, even though I have a high tolerance for salt.

      1. Haven't tried Qdoba but have tried Chipotle (once) and Boloco (Framingham/Natick location) several times. I actually found Boloco to be quite tasty, very nice flavor and seasonings and better than Chipotle.

        1. Had food from Qdoba(Wellesley location) and it was terrible.

          1. I have consistently enjoyed Chitpotle (chicken) for the faux-burrito experience and think Qdoba is passable/edible, however, Boloco is an absolute "NEVER, EVER" for me for their burrito imitations - flavorless fillings, bad tortillas, and lukewarm at best each time I tried them (I mean the Pearl St. location downtown, BTW). The breakfast options are especially awful (as in I threw away a breakfast burrito and I never throw food away...) Maybe I need to try their salad options if I ever step in there again...and the staff seems friendly enough.

            Boca Grande, Anna's, Herrera's, and Andale are all superior (even if not truly destination-worthy) options for burritos.