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Mar 17, 2010 08:19 AM

My Martini Wine & Bistro in Arlington

i'm traveling to Arlington, TX next week and received a recommendation from a friend about this place... anyone been? good?

i'm attending an event one night and have one night to explore the city of arlington and would really like to go to a place with great food. any recommendations would be great, love mexican.

I'm a lover of all kinds of food but being from the Northeast I would like to try something authentic to the city. (they're servince authentic Texas BBQ at the event)


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  1. Lasiciliana, there are several places I can recommend.

    Potager is a very unusual restaurant, and the food is outstanding. Do a search on Chowhound for it and you will find lengthy comments about it. The restaurant is tiny and charming. Local foods prepared by a French trained chef.

    Arlington has outstanding vietnamese cuisine because of its large vietnamese population. My favorite place is Pho Palace because it has nicer decor. Apart from Pho soup its menu has many other noodle and stir fries, etc.

    One of the best Thai restaurants in North Texas (IMHO) is Thai House on Cooper Street, near the corner of Arbrook and Cooper. It has a lovely ambience, very quiet and relaxing and comfortable and excellent food.

    Olenjack's is a contemporary fusion cuisine kind of place that has very good food and modern decor.

    A great lunch spot is Prince Lebanese, featured on Diners, Dives and Drive Ins on the Food Network. That is on Randol Mill street. They are also open for dinner.

    La Cacharel is a famous French restaurant in Arlington that's very pricey. I'm not a fan of that cuisine, so I have never been.

    Mexican food in Arlington is not so great, as is the case in much of North Texas. Most of the Mexican food is Tex-Mex and is pretty sloppy. For authentic Mexican, you may try some of the Taquerias around Oakcliff and such... check out this article

    I will close by saying that calling Arlington is a city is maybe a bit off... it's more like an urban sprawl with primarily chain restaurants. Arlington does not have "local" cuisine in that regard... it has been developed as an entertainment center (stadiums etc.) and local yokel places struggle to survive amongst the Chili's and Friday's and such. A lot of the local type places are small diners, so to speak. But when you think Arlington: think sprawling malls, shopping centers and no pedestrian walking spaces.

    All the restaurants I've mentioned here are "local" non-chain restaurants but they are not local or "authentic" in the sense that they somehow communicate some kind of singular, Arlington TX identity.

    It sounds like you want some Texas adventure. I recommend going Mexican in Fort Worth (the institution there is Joe T Garcia's, although opinions vary about it) and there are some good barbecue places there. So, rent a car and go to Dallas and/or Fort Worth.

    Pho Palace
    2126 S Collins St, Arlington, TX 76010

    Thai House Restaurant
    3701 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76015

    Cacharel Restaurant
    2221 East Lamar Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006

    Potager Cafe
    315 S Mesquite St, Arlington, TX 76010

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      thank you for all the input!
      if I have enough time on wednesday after my meeting maybe i will rent a car and venture out of arlington.