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Mar 17, 2010 08:14 AM

Bahn Mi in Portland

Any suggestions on getting the BEST Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich w/ pate,cilantro,pickled veg. on a really good baquette.) I have tried Kim's on St. John St.
but the bread is all wrong.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. I have had a really decent sandwich at Saigon. However, I've also had one that was just okay. Definitely worth a try.

    I also like the version at Novare Res. Tasty although not "authentic".

    1. I've had a couple satisfying bahn mi at Kim's, so I bought a bag of those rolls for $2.50. They said they get them in bulk from Boston. When I tried to use one at home I couldn't even slice it open without squashing the damned thing. Kim's microwave them first before assembling a bahn mi. I was so alarmed I haven't been back!

      1. Hey Johnny. Don'T they use a toaster oven?

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        1. re: LeRique

          Johnny is right. They MICROWAVE the sandwich. Had one today that I bought at Saigon variety store on Cumberland Ave. and the guy did the same.

          1. re: sopo

            Just so there is no confusion to anyone, the Saigon I suggested was the restaurant on Forest.