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Mar 17, 2010 08:03 AM

Ancho Chile Powder

Can somebody tell me where to go in Center City or Italian Market for ancho chile powder? I thought this was a common spice, but couldn't find it at the Mexican market joined with Tacqueria Veracruzano (they had chile powders, but none of them could be verified as ancho) and I couldn't find any at Whole Foods or the Superfresh on South St. The spice store in Italian Market was still closed when I was down there (is it open yet??) and I didn't go to any of the other nearby latin markets. Any ideas where I can go? I mean, even McCormicks seems to make ancho chile powder....this should be easy right?

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  1. Great place to get ancho chili powder is world spice merchants in Seattle, will get it to you in a couple of days, once you have had the good stuff you will never go back to tasteless stuff you get in mexican markets or Whole Foods:

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    1. re: taylorad3

      Wow they have a great selection and it's really inexpensive. I am a little worried that it wouldn't get to me in time though. I would like to find some by friday night.

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        You could buy whole ancho chiles at the bodega and grind them up yourself in a food processor.

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          I'm not sure how fine I could get them in a food processor. I chopped up some other dried peppers and they were still very coarse. I don't have a coffee grinder and don't want to buy one. If I can't find anything, I'm just going to buy the no-name generic ground mild chile they have at the market next to Tacqueria Veracruzano and hope for the best.

    2. Spice Corner in the Italian Market should have it, but yea they have been closed with those weird notes on the door... anyone know what's going on there?

      Try the spice shop at RTM, they are pretty good. There's also another spice shop in the Italian Market on 9th, towards Washington on the East side but I have never been there.

      You could also look at the bulk spice section of Essene but I am pretty wary about the turnover there.

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        These are good suggestions. I have tried Reading Terminal Market - they had a blend, but no straight up ancho. I did think it was funny that their website lists "chile-anchovy." I could be wrong, but I assume that was supposed to be ancho?

        And what is the deal with Spice Corner? That's so weird. I haven't been by there in about 2 weeks. I wonder if they have reopened....

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          Agreed I bought ancho chile pepper, chilie pequin, and any other type of mexican chile powder on 9th street past i believe federal. Any of the little stores, ask the guy at the desk he'll show you.

        2. I get mine at the Penzey's in C-Hill. I'm quite happy with it. It doesn't have a lot of heat, but it does have a lot of flavor. I have some Pasilla Chile powder I bought at DiBrunos on Chestnut. I'd be surprised if they don't also have Ancho. I think that there are some options at the 12 th st cantina (in Reading Terminal).

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            I will swing by Di Brunos and see if they have it. I live right there, so it will be a good back-up if they have it. I shutter to think how much they are charging for it though.

            1. re: megmosa

              I've actually bought ancho chile powder in the regular old grocery store under the McCormacks label. On the Penzey's idea, you could take the train there from CC, it's only a half block from the train station.

          2. I've bought ancho chili powder at DiBrunos on 17th & Chestnut.

            I think ancho chili powder is to be distinguished from the plain ancho chili pepper that McCormacks sells: the ancho chili powder contains other spices mixed in. Or at least it's my sense that ancho chili powder has a more complex flavor than the McCormacks stuff.

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            1. re: chopinpa

              The McCormick ancho chile powder I buy does not have other spices mixed in.

            2. I have a bag of ancho chili powder from the spice shop (in the terminal market) in my hand right now.

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                Maybe they were just out when I was there. Maybe I'll try again...

                1. re: megmosa

                  Update: Although the bag says Ancho chili powder, it is a blend. I was restocking my spices at the spice shop and saw a separate sign above the Ancho chili powder which said it was a blend. Sorry for the misinformation.