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Buffalo Wild Wings???

We are getting one of these soon! I realize it's a chain, but how is the food? How are the prices?? How much is the beer??

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  1. It's not really worth a visit. The prices aren't cheap enough for the fare or abysmal atmosphere (wings served in a paper tray). Plenty of takeout wings are more memorable than theirs.
    It has a couple of unique features though; a choice of sauces for the wings that run a gradient of mild to really spicy and remote controlled video triva/poker games.

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      If you must go, go on a Tuesday. Wings are discounted to like a quarter a piece :)

      1. The BW3 in downtown Indianapolis has an amazing draft beer selection (Bell's, Three Floyds, Founders, etc.), and some of the pours are ridiculously large for the price you pay. Not sure if the case everywhere, though.

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          They are overpriced. Thats the main drawback for me. I do think that their wings are far superior to Wingstop in taste and size. I only go to Buffalo Wild when I am craving wings and need more of a sauce selection than the standard medium, hot, very hot, and nuclear. They have a pretty extensive list of flavors to chose from. I pretty much always get the asian zings. I could eat a mountain of those suckers. .

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            asian zing is my fave as well, though other wing joints here have much meatier wings for the money.
            BWW is about the one of the few places here you can catch the fights on ppv and not be in a smoke filled atmosphere. That's when I tend to go.
            The draft glasses do come in a tall which is substantial, however, they do not sell by the pitcher.

        2. I've been to 3 different locations. Awful, awful food, terrible atmosphere, poor service. These places seem to mostly be populated by guys wanting big screen TVs to watch sports on who just want to eat while they're doing it and don't seem too picky about how good it is as long as it's greasy and fried. I think the wings are awful, sandwiches are dry and tasteless and clearly prepared from frozen ingredients, just not a good place.

          If someone insisted on meeting me there for something, I'd eat before I met them.

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            Depending on the other wing selections in your city, Buffalo Wild Wings is a mediocre choice. Wings are ok but not the best selection I have in my city. The prices are more on the high side.

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              I remember when BW3 opened in the Akron area in the mid 80s and the food was good then but its metastasized into overpriced chain food now and I haven't been in one of their locations for more then 10 years.

              Id rather go to Winking Lizard for bar food than BW3.

            2. I went to one once only because someone who used to work for me became a manager there. Even at lunch on a weekday I found the atmosphere to be uncomfortably male-centric. There was just this miasma of testosterone hovering over the entire place. Don't know if that's specific to the location I was at.

              As far as the food goes, nothing special. Standard nondescript sports bar food. Nothing at all memorable. The menu was very similar to my favorite locally owned sports bar, although the local adds in a bunch of upstate NY specialties, reflecting his hometown. If I'm craving bar food I'd much rather go to the locally owned bar. The food is marginally better, the staff is nicer, and it's a comfortable atmosphere for singles, families, and children (during the day).

              1. I think it used to be good about 10 years ago. But the quality of their wings have gone down (or my local one was really good before it got flooded and moved). Some of their appetizers are ok but it is pretty overpriced. You pay for ambiance I guess :)

                1. hmmmmm.
                  Upper Michigan,new BWW coming...

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                    Yep....opening in Marquette this fall.

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                      The new Lowe's, then Jimmy John's, now BW3. I'd echo others' comments. If you go on the wing special days, you're ok.

                      Personally, I'd absolutely LOVE for a real Mexican restaurant to try to survive. Los Tres Amigos was horrendous, but it was still better than Border Grill which is just Taco Bell with $1.50 added to the menu prices.

                  2. A BWW openned recently near me and I too was excited about trying a new wing place. BUT I was very disappointed when we finally tried it. All the food is served on/with disposable plates, cups, forks/knives and I am pretty sure nothing was actually cooked in the facility. We had wings, a wrap, and a salad and everything seemed like it was pre-packaged and just reheated on site. I couldnt help but think about the crazy amounts of waste they must produce.

                    1. Tried a few days ago with mixed results. We had boneless wings which were well cooked and tasty, however they were tiny! Looked more like overgrown popcorn chicken than boneless wings you get at other chains. They had a promotion where they were 60 cents each, we split 3 orders of 4 (3 different sauces) and an order of fries. Honestly it was good we werent starving because on a normal day I could have eaten everything myself!

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                        Horrible. The food was terrible, there was a loooooong wait for food because it was crowded (most people just drinking) and it was a mess. There were napkins, cups all over the floor because the employees were overwhelmed. No one in our group of six would ever go back. Btw, it is extremely loud!

                      2. Contrary to most others who have replied, I like their wings. Maybe because that's what I go there for. Not the beer selection, not the atmosphere, not the chance wipe out all the other trivia players on the planet. It's the wings.

                        There are several in my city, one of them close to where I live and work. I am always treated like a long time friend when I walk in, so I dont know what the complaints about service are all about. They have a good choice of sauces in a wide variety of heat strengths, and I especially like their dry seasonings [I do wish they hadnt discontinued the smoky southwestern sauce]. They have always been receptive to any comments I have made, and very quick to make ammends on the rare occasion when they get something wrong.Their prices are quite comparable to other wings in town, so either ALL wings are overpriced, or none are.

                        And any places better for wings in my city are way across town. I love buffalo wings, but not enough to drive a half hour for.

                        So yeah, convenience plays a part. Is BWW a life changing culinary experience? Of course not. It's a chain. Nothing transcendentally wonderful ever came from a corporation. But the vitriol-laden attacks are completely over the top. As far as chains go, they deliver all I could ask for. I'm sorry so many of you dont like them, but that's more for me.

                        1. I have never been but might try it one day, I keep seeing the word expensive. How much is a dozen wings?

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                            The menu I have handy [and I believe to be current] says that a dozen wings are $9.29, a hair over 75 cents each [Ever notice that computer keyboards dont have a key for the cent sign? Typewriters did.] Wingstreet does not offer dozens; an order of 8 is $6.50, a little over 80 cents each, but an order of 14 is $10.00, around 71 cents each. The place in my city usually thought of as having the best wings offer a dozen for $10.50, about 88 cents each.

                            On Tuesdays at BWW they are 50 cents each; they just went up a nickel as of today. I dont know if they still do drumsticks on Wednesdays or not. It's undoubtedly not universal; my menu says that 'Wing Tuesday and Boneless Thursday are available at participating locations.'

                          2. They used to have drumstick nights when you could get drumsticks (not wing drums) at deal with any of their sauces. I thought that was unique..because you usually just hear about wings. They were tasty as well.

                            1. If you have any place around that does really good or better wings, don't bother. I went twice. Wildly disappointed each time.

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                                We have a BWW in South Brunswick, NJ on a busy stretch of Rt. 1. The last couple of Wednesdays and Thursdays, I've passed by at around 9:45pm. Parking lot was absolutely full every night. Longhorn Steakhouse next door was half full. Same pattern each night that I've passed. I have never tried them, but thought I'd give this info.

                              2. I think the Salt and Vinegar wings are addictive. I have felt that management was very responsive to problems when I have brought them up.

                                1. Ate there yesterday after running a half, and I wanted something fattening. Had their chips, onion rings and a boneless salad. Boys had boneless wing sampler. They love that hey can get up 4 different types of wing sauce with the order so everyone gets what they want. Salad was crisp and good. (not just iceberg lettuce) thought the honey BBQ sauce was delicious, and couldn't stop eating the rings. Of course I was starving though...service was great, no complaints

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                                    I just love their buffalo chips. I could eat an entire container just of those. Perhaps next time I will.

                                  2. I LOVE chicken wings, so I can't say that I hate it. The sauces are actually very good. But I've only eaten there about 3 times and each time the wings were pretty small. They were cooked find. Overall, kind of pricy for what you get. I think it would be okay to watch a ball game there but that's about it.

                                    If you have a good local wing joint, don't bother. If there are no good wings around, they are completely acceptable..

                                    1. I have only been once and my experience was quite nice. Mango Habanero wings were nice with a residual heat that was quite hot. Beer selection was excellent. We sat at the bar and the service was spot on. Bartender was overly nice and apologized when her shift ended and we offered to pay her and start a new tab.

                                      The complaints about the utensils and paper plates/baskets seems silly to me. You're eating wings, why do you care what they are served in? Anyone who claims these wings are terrible is exaggerating. Are they the best? No, but they are far from being bad.

                                      1. Well, I went to a recently-opened BWW at Marina Pacifica in Long Beach, and all I can say is:

                                        I survived. Barely.

                                        My mother-in-law had raved about the place before any of us went there. She goes there with her parade-float-sized best friend, and apparently because the waitstaff kisses their a$$ so effusively when they show up, she loves it. The manager gave my MIL coupons; she talks about it like the Pope gave her a golden ticket to Heaven or something.

                                        The fact that, when we actually sat down to eat, my MIL was pointedly defensive about the place from the get-go served as a warning. And the place lived down to the lowered expectations, then burrowed through the floor and rolled around in old sewer pipes and then started digging for China.

                                        OK, sports bar, so lots and lots of TVs and video game displays. Pretty mediocre beer selection, which is fine because I prefer wine (or Stone IPA or a nice cold Labatt's). After several minutes of being ignored, I told my husband "If we don't have water in 10 minutes we're walking." My SIL actually walked to our server and asked for water for us. And then we finally got a chance to experience the BWW Magic.

                                        I ordered Barefoot cabernet-- pretty much the only red wine they had. It was stale and almost vinegary, served with admirable indifference.

                                        We ordered onion rings. Gummy breading, but a pretty nice dipping sauce. Overpriced. My MIL stated as we tasted them, "Well, that's the style *I* like." Then the server she liked so much from previous visits (again, with her tic-shaped friend Jabba the Hutt) walked by and she went to give her a little hug. OK, this place makes her happy, we'll give it a chance.

                                        We went for wings with Hot BBQ, Thai Curry and Garlic & Parmesan sauces. The Hot BBQ was basically a sweet-ish Buffalo-style sauce; the Thai Curry sauce was really Japanese Golden Curry (you can't fool me); and the Garlic & Parmesan sauce was really garlicky and barely pamesan-y. Plump wings, sure, but c'mon: How hard is it to toss wings in flour, throw them in a fryer and then pour sauce on them? Greasy, too sweet and really awful. And oh, yeah: Overpriced.

                                        We ordered a side salad (abysmal, and overpriced) and macaroni & cheese (a tiny step above Kraft Instant Dinner, and overpriced) to complete the atrocity.

                                        I just can't justify lowering my standards that much for dinner when there are so many better places out there. Not just here in southern California, but everywhere in the country. Hell, the world!

                                        Nope. Won't go back. I can get far better bar food for better prices. Or cook at home.

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                                          I love this post so much.

                                          The one by me is always jammed with cars, and it really stymies me. It's like going to prison to me. All the noise and bare concrete walls and the smell of cheap, stale beer and all that chemical-laden crap food. I just do not get the appeal.

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                                            Please see my post from 5/1 above.