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Mar 17, 2010 07:49 AM

Buffalo Wild Wings???

We are getting one of these soon! I realize it's a chain, but how is the food? How are the prices?? How much is the beer??

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  1. It's not really worth a visit. The prices aren't cheap enough for the fare or abysmal atmosphere (wings served in a paper tray). Plenty of takeout wings are more memorable than theirs.
    It has a couple of unique features though; a choice of sauces for the wings that run a gradient of mild to really spicy and remote controlled video triva/poker games.

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    1. re: drsnacks

      If you must go, go on a Tuesday. Wings are discounted to like a quarter a piece :)

      1. The BW3 in downtown Indianapolis has an amazing draft beer selection (Bell's, Three Floyds, Founders, etc.), and some of the pours are ridiculously large for the price you pay. Not sure if the case everywhere, though.

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        1. re: Condimentality

          They are overpriced. Thats the main drawback for me. I do think that their wings are far superior to Wingstop in taste and size. I only go to Buffalo Wild when I am craving wings and need more of a sauce selection than the standard medium, hot, very hot, and nuclear. They have a pretty extensive list of flavors to chose from. I pretty much always get the asian zings. I could eat a mountain of those suckers. .

          1. re: down73

            asian zing is my fave as well, though other wing joints here have much meatier wings for the money.
            BWW is about the one of the few places here you can catch the fights on ppv and not be in a smoke filled atmosphere. That's when I tend to go.
            The draft glasses do come in a tall which is substantial, however, they do not sell by the pitcher.

        2. I've been to 3 different locations. Awful, awful food, terrible atmosphere, poor service. These places seem to mostly be populated by guys wanting big screen TVs to watch sports on who just want to eat while they're doing it and don't seem too picky about how good it is as long as it's greasy and fried. I think the wings are awful, sandwiches are dry and tasteless and clearly prepared from frozen ingredients, just not a good place.

          If someone insisted on meeting me there for something, I'd eat before I met them.

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          1. re: rockandroller1

            Depending on the other wing selections in your city, Buffalo Wild Wings is a mediocre choice. Wings are ok but not the best selection I have in my city. The prices are more on the high side.

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              I remember when BW3 opened in the Akron area in the mid 80s and the food was good then but its metastasized into overpriced chain food now and I haven't been in one of their locations for more then 10 years.

              Id rather go to Winking Lizard for bar food than BW3.

            2. I went to one once only because someone who used to work for me became a manager there. Even at lunch on a weekday I found the atmosphere to be uncomfortably male-centric. There was just this miasma of testosterone hovering over the entire place. Don't know if that's specific to the location I was at.

              As far as the food goes, nothing special. Standard nondescript sports bar food. Nothing at all memorable. The menu was very similar to my favorite locally owned sports bar, although the local adds in a bunch of upstate NY specialties, reflecting his hometown. If I'm craving bar food I'd much rather go to the locally owned bar. The food is marginally better, the staff is nicer, and it's a comfortable atmosphere for singles, families, and children (during the day).