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Mar 17, 2010 07:36 AM

Pupusas and Tamales de Elote

Looking for a Salvadorian restaurant that serve good pupusas and tamales de elote.
I remember going to Los Chorros years ago and the pupusas were good but can't remember if they had tamales de elote. My daughter and I love the tamale with crema so that is a must. We are staying in Pentagon City by the Fashion mall and have a car so any recommendation within 1/2 hour would be great. We would prefer a eat in restaurant that can accommodate a group of 8-12. TIA!

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  1. Irene's Pupusas III in Wheaton, MD. I've not had their tamales de elote, but Sietsema wrote favorably about them in a review of the place a couple of years ago. I have had the pupusas there however -- and they are fabulous.

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      Partner loves the Tamales de Elote but they vary on moistness. Crema is your friend if you get a drier one. The soups rock. I cannot decide between the "con todos" or the lorrocco" on the pupusas. The Honduran tacos are crispy tortillas filled with good chicken, covered with a purple slaw and sharp cheese. Eat in 20 seconds or they go soggy. The tongue tacos are fabulous, the others OK.

      Friday the noise is skin singing loud and Saturday night makes Friday look like quiet time in kindergarten. Sunday through Thursday, it is not too loud at all.

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        Looks like they offer non-traditional pupusas so the question is are the traditional pupusas (like pupusa revuelta) good?

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          Con todos is their name for revuelta. Lorocco is pretty standard as well. We pretty much stick to these two.

    2. Dona Azucena, 71 N. Glebe Rd. in Arlington, VA Very popular Salvadoran restaurant fiiled with locals in the evening. You'll know you've hit the right place. Papusas de loroco are my favorite.

      1. Love the pupusas at Abi Azteca restaurant

        That's where I first had a Tamal de Elote, also - very nice!

        Added advantage: it's close to Pentagon City, and it's one of those wonderful little hole-in-the-wall places that serve the most authentic ethnic food at low prices. It's hidden behind a 7-11 on Columbia Pike.

        Look for the collection of hats on the wall, from everywhere all over the world.