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Mar 17, 2010 07:15 AM

Weekend in Oklahoma City

This is a last-minute post for an unanticipated weekend trip to OKC. I was there many years ago, and remember the Cattlemens', adnthe fact that there were good Tex-Mex and vietnamese restaurants. I forget the names and locations, of course. What's good in OKC today? I'm open to all foods, all neighborhoods. Some barbecue would be good.

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  1. I think the best bbq is at Leo's:

    There is often a special little free treat for your meal, like dessert, or some stewed greens, etc.

    Happy eating!

    1. Going to see KU or K-State?

      1. There doesn't seem to be much OKC activity on chowhound, which is a shame. It really is a nice city. the meorial is very moving, especially in the evening (the lighting). For those going there in the future, two very, very good choices -- the Cattlemans', which has steaks that compare favorably with Morton's et al. Very flavorful, adn they take care to make sure that it's cooked to order
        also, Cheever's on hudson at 24th. What a nice place. I had a very nice ice fo Nahi over crawfish risotto and it was delcious. The fish was very fresh, not overcooked at all, and the risotto was tasty. Appetizer was a white bean hummus, which was a good appetizer for 2 or more. It really was too much food. My wife was more reaosnable and got a small salad and an appertizer. The salad, for $3, was a full0size salad, and the appetizer was thesize of a normal entree -- and very tasty.

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          i'm coming in a little lat on this. okc's restaurant scene is vibrant and mixed. i lived here in the early 80's when there was sadly not much on offer. and have been here about a year now. cheever's is worth a visit and paseo grill is a favorite. the asian district rocks. cattlemen's remains essentially unchanged by time. +1 for leo's bbq.

          i don't think it would stress chow rules to mention that urbanspoon has an extremely active okc group and a ton of info on the food scene, here.