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Mar 17, 2010 07:03 AM

30th Birthday "Cocktail Party" Lower Westchester

I am looking to throw a 30th birthday cocktail party in lower Westchester/White Plains area. Any thoughts??

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  1. Give us more details! size of group, budget, date, time, etc. Peniche is always fun and tasty. Not sure about private areas or if you want that. I heard Elements is decent as well but not super-food-centric. 42 may work. Nessa in Port Chester, Lolita, Tarry Lodge upstairs maybe...

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      It would probably be about 20-30 people - would LOVE for it to be about $35/pp but I have a feeling that won't work! It would probably be Saturday 4/10 about 8pm...

      1. re: cubanat

        I also heard a rumor that Paniche closed down!

        1. re: neecie0413

          I ate at Peniche 2 weeks ago and it was fun and enjoyable.

          175 Main St, White Plains, NY 10601

      2. Globe in Larchmont is a great space for this type of thing. Nice restaurant in the front, with a large lounge area (couches, etc.) and bar in the back room. Also has a DJ with dancing on weekend nights.

        1. Also, haven't been here but have heard Lucy's Lounge in Pleasantville is good for this sort of thing...

          (and the website for Globe because I forgot before is

          1. lolita in byram/port chester

            1. Thanks for all of the info! I have contacted both Lolita and Lucys about a party- I will let you know what happens!