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Mar 17, 2010 06:56 AM

Breakfast Biscuits in NC/SC

For me, breakfast biscuits rank alongside BBQ as one of the unique foodways of the Carolinas. Not unique like liver mush in that they are available here but rare elsewhere. Rather, I mean uniquely good. They're also available as a fast, carryout item from a lot of places.

When all else fails (in reality, much more often than that), Bojangles or the more rare Biscuitville suffices. I'd like to exclude places that serve biscuits as part of a sit down meal. I'm thinking more about locally produced fast or slow food. What about the smaller places? Here are a few I've gleaned:

In another post, Naco recommends Flo's Kitchen in Wilson. t's a little drive-in that's open until around 1pm or so and does really great breakfast biscuits. They cook a mean pork chop, too.

In Raleigh, Taylor's Wines, the gas station just north of 540 on Six Forks, serves 4 varieties of homemade biscuits. They're quite good, though different than you'll find elsewhere.

In Carrboro, Neal's Deli is supposed to serve a great biscuit, though I haven't tried it yet.

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  1. In Charlotte, Greystone Restaurant on South Blvd. has great biscuits, and my fried chicken biscuit-loving-17-year-old son says theirs are "the best".

    1. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill. Open until 2-ish. Great biscuits (try the chicken,cheese and onion biscuit) and good cinnamon buns. Drive through/walk in only,

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      1. re: BullCityChow

        I'll second Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen! We hit it every time we're in Chapel Hill visiting relatives.

        1. re: Stacys

          I'll third it! I went for the first time, and their biscuits are flaky fluffy perfection!

      2. I know it's a chain but the biscuits from Flying Biscuit in Cameron Villlage (with the apple butter spread..) are so heavenly.

        Also this is really not helpful but I stopped by this place somewhere between Durham and Chapel Hill with incredible biscuits. The place was half general store, half U-Haul rental center, and there wasn't much else around. If you can find it, though..

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        1. re: raleighboy

          I think the Flying Biscuits biscuits are OK with the apple butter. But i much prefer Biscuitville and Bojangles. They're so good that I don't put anything on them...

          Flying Biscuit
          7930 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

          1. re: cackalackie

            You will be hard pressed to find a bigger proponent for bojangles and I (and my particular leaning is toward the Western Ave location- nothing better) but the biscuits *can* be overcooked on occasion. They're also a tad more dense than I'd like. For a chicken filet combo with tea and seasoned fries, there is nothing better, but on biscuit alone, I've got to go with Flying Biscuit.

            Flying Biscuit Cafe
            2016 Clark Ave, Raleigh, NC 27605

            1. re: raleighboy

              Hmmm.... I noticed you didn't mention Biscuitville!

          2. re: raleighboy

            I am so excited to hear that there is a flying biscuit in Raleigh. I had a couple of meals there when I was in Atlanta and their brunch is fantastic, but I must say I I prefer Bojangles or Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. I like my biscuits buttery and greasy, so that might be why. :)

          3. I'm a huge Sunrise biscuit kitchen fan but I was in Carrboro this morning for a meeting and stopped in for my first biscuit from Neal's Deli.

            The biscuit was very fresh and light with a nicely buttery, lardy flavor. What set it apart was the filling. I guess I'd just gotten used to fairly industrial meat/egg/cheese on biscuits. The sausage was Cane Creek and the egg was cooked fresh after I ordered the biscuit. It vaulted Neal's way ahead of anything I've had (biscuit solo, about equal, sausage and egg, no contest). It was more expensive than Biscuitville or Sunrise but I don't mind paying for quality.

            One negative, the coffee I got with it wasn't terrible but made me wish I'd ducked into Open Eye next door instead. It was a bit weak and watery.

            Open Eye Cafe
            101 S Greensboro St, Carrboro, NC 27510

            Neal's Deli
            100 E Main St Ste C, Carrboro, NC 27510

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            1. re: brokegradstudent

              I was also blown away by the sausage, egg, and cheddar biscuit at Neal's. I think there may have been chives in the egg. Top notch in every respect. Totally kills Sunrise, which is overrated.

            2. Flo's was going to be my main recommendation. Mickey's BBQ in Fountain has the best cheese biscuit that I've found.