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Mar 17, 2010 06:47 AM

Best French Restaurants Between Saint-Sauveur & Mont Tremblant?

I'm going up from the States for the month of August and would like to hit some of the top-end French restaurants. Top-end for food, of course, as all else is secondary. I haven't been up since 1998 and my fave in Saint-Sauveur appears to have disappeared. All suggestions gratefully accepted, including patisseries, boulangeries, bistros, you name it. Thx!

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  1. two comes to mind :

    "L'Eau à la Bouche" and Le "Bistro à Champlain" (with probably one of the most extensive wine selection in the province)

    1. Never been, but been intrigued: Les Zèbres in Val-David might be an interesting stopover if you have several days up there.

      1. Not fine dining but I really enjoy Creperie Au Tournesol in Val Morin... great garlicy house salad, onion soup and dinner/dessert crepes!

        1. Restaurant Le Cheval de Jade, in St-Jovite, is quite good. Well worth adding to your list. The times I've been there the food was excellent while being unpretentious and reasonably priced.

          Restaurant Le
          4903 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V4E7, CA