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Mar 17, 2010 06:40 AM

Honeymoon In DC

My fiance and I are coming to DC the first week of June for our honeymoon. We'd like some suggestions on where to eat - we don't have a budget, and we'll eat anything. Thanks so much!

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  1. It's important to keep in mind that the best of the high end places in DC must be booked well in advance, so make your choices and book as soon as you can. Komi is my top choice, but any other information you could provide about your food preferences, where you'll be staying, how far you are willing to travel, etc. would be helpful.

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      we're staying at the jefferson. not renting a car, so if we have to go anywhere it will be by taxi or otherwise. we enjoy french cuisine the most, but are open to anything.

      1. re: CCKaty82

        If you like French cuisine, I highly recommend Marcel's. It is French/Belgian, and very good. Also the decor is really pretty and I think it is rather romantic.

        If you want fresh seafood, I really enjoy Blacksalt. It is a little more casual and a lot of fun. If you are visiting the sites you will be near Penn Quarter and Captiol Hill with lots of good food options. I particularly like Rasika for modern Indian food, Zaytinya if you can eat lunch outside is lovely. And I like Sonoma on the hill, their black risotto is particularly good.

        You might also consider CityZen. And Bistro bis is a French restaurant that is also good, and has a great brunch on the hill. I also like brunch at Hank's Oyster Bar for something casual, and Tabard Inn for more traditional brunch.

    2. You have to go to Citronelle! It's your honeymoon! It would be a crime to miss it.

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        citronelle as well as Central by Michelle Richard, Marcels, Brasserie Beck (Belgian bistro)

      2. You've gotten some wonderful recommendations so far. I especially love Komi, Marcel's and CityZen. I just wanted to point out that right in your hotel is probably one of the best restaurants in town: Plume. It opened last year and has gotten very, very good reviews. I haven't yet been there myself, but from what I've read, it seems to be quite romantic, with tables spaced far apart. For me, there is nothing more romantic than a wonderful meal and a commute that consists of nothing more than a short elevator ride.

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        1. re: foodtrip

          Thanks so much for the advice! Right now we have reservations at Plume, Citronelle, and the chef's table at the Inn at Little Washington. Is there anything we're missing?

          3000 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

          1. re: CCKaty82

            Great choices, but you are missing something... Komi! Go for the degustazione with wine pairing. They bring what they conservatively refer to on the menu as a "selection of mezzethakia", which is about 20 courses -- each more revelatory than the last. The roasted kazikaki is one of the single best meat dishes I've ever had anywhere. The service is impeccable, but friendly - not stuffy at all. I love the place - and wish I could afford to go on a regular basis.

            1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

            1. re: CCKaty82

              Take a look at Obelisk. 5 course Italian with daily TBD menu. Very small, intimate setting.

              1. re: georgetownronin

                You will LOVE The Jefferson Hotel, it is so pretty and elegant. We dined at Plume this past Nov., it is in my top 5 all-time favorite restaurants. The service is first-class all the way, the ambiance is very formal and classy, the Crab Risotto there is out of this world! Let them know it is a special occasion when you make your reservation. I would also try to get over to Blue Duck Tavern @ the Hyatt, it's a cool place with excellent food and an innovative menu. I had the Whole Fish there that was amazing. Have fun! :)

                Blue Duck Tavern
                1201 24th Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

              2. re: CCKaty82

                Re: Inn at Little Washington.

                In an earlier post you mentioned that you won't have a car. The Inn is a good 90 minutes or so outside of the city, so you may want to rent one for at least a day or so for this to work. A roundtrip taxi trip may cost as much as the meal itself (or more.)

                1. re: CCKaty82

                  Just spent a night at the Inn - here's the link to the write up if you're interested.

                  You'll be VERY happy you went.