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Mar 17, 2010 05:55 AM

need casual restaurant with delicious food near Highland Park, Dallas

I am on a lighting fast trip from MN to Dallas to switch cars with my daughter. In Dallas, I would like to take my daughter and a friend of hers from high school out for a meal at a casual restaurant with excellent food. These two women are both extremely health -conscious, so many of the "Roadfood" type recommendations would not work for them (eg huge hi fat burgers, huge steak with fries, etc).

They both eat meat, fish, and poultry.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. They'll be others but, the best places based on your needs would be Houston's, Asian Mint, La Duni and Pappadeaux.

    1. No doubt, in that area and moving a bit south to the uptown area, many recs will be forthcoming. However, given your daughter's age, I'd bet she has "at least" one restaurant she's been "dying" to try...... ????

      1. Cafe Istanbul is pretty good turkish food, and has more (and less) healthy options. It's located in Inwood Village, at the corner of Lover's and Inwood.

        Rex's Seafood is another good option - it's on Lover's just west of Inwood.

        1. I agree with CocoaNut. I'm sure there are a number of restaurants on your daughter's list of restaurants to try.

          Options to consider: Kathleen's Sky Diner, Zoe's Kitchen, Ziziki's, Lumi's Kitchen, Bread Winners, Dream Cafe, Greenz.

          1. Toulouse on Knox may be a good option. Has a large variety as well. I like the "casual but nice" feel of it.

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              Mmm Toulouse has a large selection of mussel dishes. They are crazy good right now, peak of the PEI season.

              1. re: DallasDude

                The weather sure is near perfect for patio dining right now.

              2. re: pgwiz1

                Gotta concur on Toulouse. Great place for this type of meeting.