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Mar 17, 2010 05:42 AM

Tulsa and Okalahoma City---How are these picks?

After a cursory review of Chowhound and Roadfood, this is my list of places to stop in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I am making a super quick road trip, and do not have time to do my usual more thorough review of options for restaurants and shops to stop for pantry foods to bring home.

Criteria: Stops have to be somewhat close to the freeway and places I can get in and out of quickly. (No lengthy sit-down dinners because I am on a very quick road trip).

La Donna's Fine Foods
White River Fish Market

Oklahoma City:
Classen Grill

I like almost all foods (except sushi :0)

Thanks very much.

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  1. Can't speak for Tulsa, soccermom, but Cattlemen's is a geat OKC pick. Still, I hope you plan to spend the night, as the meals are heavy! Please be sure to get some lamb fries to start.

    1. La Donna's is great for cheese, if you want to try an original Okie cheese ask to taste the KS&A blue. It comes from Comanchee down near Lawton. Plus she has the best selection of fine chocolate north of Dallas. And La Donna carries Rancho Gordo beans if you need to stock up. If your there around lunch Lucky's is almost across the street. Order the Chicken Fried Steak if they have it that day. I have never gone wrong with their specials.

      White River fish market is worth the stop.

      If your in OKC during the lunch hour, try Cheevers or for incredible asian go to the Golden Phoenix on N Claussen near 27th. The crispy duck and the crispy pork are not to miss. It is on the right side in a strip center. And there is an Asian market just around the corner to wander through after you get through with lunch. Oh, salt and pepper squid.