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Mar 17, 2010 05:17 AM

Best Taco Tuesday?

Where can I find the best Taco Tuesday?

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  1. Longboards in PB is cheap and delicious. $1.25 tacos and cheap drinks.

    Also - Rubios is always an awesome choice.

    1. PB Bar & Grill may have the best scene. Tuesdays it is packed with hot 20 something coeds. The tacos are good but not great.
      $1.50 tacos
      $2.50 margeritas and Mexican beers.
      Half price Mexican entrees
      ogling the local talent pool free

      1. Tacos El Gordo or El Paisa any and every Tuesday

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            La Fachada...cup of beans, salted and limed roast jalapenos, a quartet of Tacos de Lengua all washed down with an icy Sidral.

          2. Brigantine - $2.00 fish tacos, grilled or fried.

            No skimping on the portion size. Great cheap eats.