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Mar 17, 2010 04:12 AM

What are Chicago's "heart attack" meals?

While eating lunch today at Poochie's on Dempster (a char-grilled cheddar burger that is absolutely the most delicious thing on earth), my lunch companion and I started discussing the notion of "heart attack meals." You know, those incredibly unique and unhealthy specialties that you constantly find at roadhouses and family restaurants.

What would you say are some "heart attack specialties" in the Chicago area? That is, unique meals/presentations that go far beyond the usual unhealthiness of Chicago beef and dogs and whatnot.

Right now, the only thing coming to my mind is the Slayer burger at Kuma's. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just about anything you'd order at Manny's would qualify as "unhealthy" or "heart attack" meals, given the portions, cooking methods, and the restaurant's culture over the years.

    1. Last year the Pioneer Press, which includes most of the hometown newspapers in Chicago's suburbs, did a series on the largest burgers in the area. There were some burgers that were just enormous (5 pounds or more, IIRC).

      1. A 911 burger (nine 1/3lb patties and 11 slices of cheese, with fries) with an extra side of country fried bacon at Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston.

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          1. Italian beef at Mr. Beef on Orleans....only eat before you have time for a nap. Mmmmm...

            1. For me: appetizer of cheese curds and then a large thin crust crispy piiza from Candlelite in Chicago.

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                I do believe that a bar/pub in Bucktown serves a downstate (Springfield) specialty, the Horseshoe Sandwich. Meat---usually a burger---on Texas toast, covered with french fries and finally doused with rich, cheese sauce. Even the chains around here serve them.