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Mar 16, 2010 11:15 PM

Cincinnati on a Sunday night and a Monday morning

It's a Sunday in Cincinnati a few weeks from now. We're tired from driving. We want good food, fresh, local if possible, not necessarily expensive ... we're tired as I said. Especially important to us is a decent glass of wine. We've heard the Over The Rhine area is interesting. We eat anything but being from a coast we leave the seafood to those places. Monday morning we want good coffee, maybe a good bakery.

Monday we have lunch in Columbus. Monday night dinner in Cleveland, and coffee there Tuesday morning. Help a couple of ancient west coasters? Puhleeze? Thank you very much.

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  1. I grew up in Cincinnati, but my family didn't eat out dinner often, and tended to dine inexpensively. However, breakfast I can help you with.
    Servatii's bakery -- several locations across the area. This would be my first recommendation.
    Brueggar's bagels -- a chain, but a good one. You can watch them boil the bagels through a window.
    First Watch -- if you want a full breakfast.
    Graeter's -- while lauded for their ice cream, also has great pastries. Make sure to check the web site, because I don't think ALL locations have a bakery, but the one Downtown and the one in Tri-County do.
    Other members on the board can refer you to places where you can try Goetta, a Cincinnati-German sausage delicacy with oatmeal. I can't tell you where to dine out and eat it because we ate it at home.

    If you don't find other recommendations for dinner, I would google German Restaurant Cincinnati and read the reviews. I know I ate at a German restaurant as a child, but I don't remember which one.