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Mar 16, 2010 09:41 PM

Chages at Capp's Corner?

I have a long tradition of meeting a North Beach buddy for dinner at Capp's Corner every so often. It's not gourmet fare, but it's decent food and I've always loved the minestrone soup there: a classic, stick-to-your-ribs minestrone with beans and tomato blended in. Met my buddy there tonight for minestrone bliss, only to be served minestrone lite.

The salad was also reconfigured, the entrees about the same, maybe a little better. But why did they have to mess with the minestrone? I mean what I got tonight was a decent soup, but at a place like that you want it to be the same.

Anybody know if there's been an ownership change there? Things felt different and there were only two people working the joint: waiter and bartender, neither of whom we recognized.

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  1. Herb Caen is not resting well tonight...

    1. Capp's updated the menu and the chef years ago. Some reviews thought the "new" food" an improvement.

      The minestrone before the change was too thick, too cooked in and slighly burnt, the two times it was tasted.