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Mar 16, 2010 07:18 PM

Quantum Leap Natural Food in Fresh Meadows, NY is closed?

This is my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Queens. I went back tonight and the gate was down. Does anyone know what happened? Thanks.

Quantum Leap
65-64 Fresh Meadow Ln, Queens, NY 11365

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  1. I went by yesterday and noticed a yellow sign from the NYC Department of Health dated 2/24/10 that indicated it had been closed due to a lack of permit. There also seemed to be a For Rent sign on the outside of the building. If this means that they will not be re-opening, it is sad indeed. A new kosher market has opened up in the adjacent space.

    Here is the link to the NYC DOH restaurant inspection page; it indicates that Quantam Leap (spelled with an "a" instead of a "u") was re-closed 3/2/10:

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      Thanks. I also passed by yesterday and indeed saw the For Rent sign. I just feel bad for the servers there. They were so nice. And I loved the food there...So sad...