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JAR - 30% off

I took the coupon deal.

I've never been.

Spent a few moments reading about the food that's served - a distressing report of what's served is what comes up.

Should I take advantage of my 30% off, or forget about a jarring experience?

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  1. I am surprised you read bad things, toitoi. Jar has good food, generally, Where is the coupon available? I'd take that deal for sure.

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      It's the Blackboard Eats/LA mailing list coupon you get as a free member. I signed up a few weeks ago, and I think it's worth the ten seconds of your time and spam-free results.

      I have never been to Jar, either, but when I read their description, I thought it sounded GREAT! (I didn't take the coupon, though, because I don't have the time and the means for dining out at the moment.)

    2. I've only been there once for brunch and it was so unspecial and unmemorable that I forgot I went there just a couple of years ago. I also felt that the decor was a bit too serious; I prefer pricier restaurants to be more visually interesting, so that dining isn't just about the food but rather as a whole experience.

      1. Not sure why you found what JAR serves to be "distressing" (personally, I love the menu and how the food is prepared) but, for what it is worth, it placed 23 [15 in the over $25 category] in the 2009 Chowhound poll on this Board: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/673604

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          It's not what they serve that distressed me, it's what I read on Chowhound and Yelp that caused my comment.

        2. To be honest, I wasn't blown away -- however, that doens't mean its not good! I jumped at the discount and will use it soon. I definitely recommend the brasises over the steak. Also a huge fan of the duck fried rice.

          1. toitoi,
            you already missed Valentino's 30% off, now you missing Jar's?
            Well, let's hope third time's your charm.

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              I haven't missed Valentino, I have the coupon,

              I haven't missed Jar, I have the coupon.

              Getting my charming butt to them is all that's really needed.

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                Give me a buzz, we put together a team, let's face the challenge.

              1. I have had three very good meals at Jar. Not 'blow me away' but very very good, so good I like the idea of going back. And there is nothing better than a cocktail at their wonderful bar, either on Mondays with the sublime Mozzarella Mondays, or any other night, with their glorious potato chips. It is a very solid restaurant with great service, great drinks and very good food.

                1. Jar remains one of my favorite L.A. restaurants, though to be fair I almost always get the exact same thing: filet medium rare with lobster bearnaise sauce. I've tried their famed pot roast and found it to be interesting but much less compelling. But their filet is always perfect and that bearnaise is crack that keeps calling me back. Most of their appetizers and sides are also quite good. And I love eating at the bar.

                  Don't know what distressing comments you found, but I'd suggest you ignore them and go take advantage of the savings. And make sure you try that lobster bearnaise.

                  1. Do it. I would definitely skip the steaks. Pot roast is just awesome. I had a little reminder at the jonathan gold event. A small piece of pot roast with a little horseradish (they ran out of bread). 1 of 2 best bites of food that day.

                    1. Just went last night. It's 30%, do it. esp if you haven't been. Here's my review
                      Longer review and photos here: http://stuffycheaks.blogspot.com/2010...

                      Took advantage of the 30% BlackboardEats coupon. It was also Mozzarella Monday at Jar where a special menu was served at the bar. The discount seemed to draw a large crowd on a Monday night, mostly younger diners.

                      We sat at the bar first, then moved over to out table. This was what we ordered:

                      Amuse bouche (from the bartender). Burrata, braised artichoke hearts, currants, and olive oil.

                      #1 Stracciatella with celery herb salad and celery leaf pesto (at the bar
                      )Fresh, soft, buttery mozzarella. This was a delicious starter.

                      #2. Crab Deviled eggs
                      Needed more of a punch; either more horseradish, or additional spice or sourness. Also you couldn't really taste the crab.

                      #3. Kabocha squash with leeks, sage and medjool dates

                      #4. Duck fried rice
                      It was good, flavorful but you couldn't really taste the duck, and in the dim lighting, could barely see it as well. Additionally, the portion was rather small. For $9. For rice.

                      #5. Coq au vin with applewood smoked bacon, pearl onions, crimini mushrooms in a wine sauce
                      There were quite a generous portion of chicken, and they were all tender pieces and fell off the bone. The mushrooms were sparse though. The dish had the right amount of seasoning with a bit of sweetness from the wine.

                      $6. Grilled black bass. The seabass was cooked well but the plate looked boring and uninspired.

                      #7. Prime Filet of beef with lobster bernaise sauce
                      There was a lot of beef (10 oz). The steak was perfectly cooked medium rare and buttery.I also liked the rich lobster bernaise that made this dish more decadent.

                      #8. Jar's signature pot roast with carrots and caramelized onions
                      Also a well executed dish. The meat was tender and flavorful. Dish was heavy and most definitely sufficient.

                      The bill came out to $220 (we saved about $90) which included 5 cocktails, a bottle of wine and the mozzarella starter that we had at the bar. I thought it was a great deal considering prices at Jar aren't cheap, at $38 for the steak and $39 for the bass. The meats were prepared really well. The menu items were simple. It's just good ole home cooking.