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Mar 16, 2010 06:34 PM

Best cheap DC?

I'm new to the message boards but not to DC. I'm moving away soon, and I want to make sure I hit the best food before I go.
Criterium :
1. I'm unemployed right now, so I'd like to stay under 10$/ person, the cheaper the better.
2. Must be close to public transportation as I don't have a car.
3. No Thai (allergic to peanuts), or chains unless they are truly local, and I'm already a frequent at Amsterdam Falafel.

If there's anything left after this that you can think of I will be eternally grateful.

While we're at it, if there are any reasonably priced bars you want to mention, that'd be great too.

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  1. How about Lunch?

    Go to Breadline on Friday lunch for their bbq sandwich. Order it on a ciabatta.

    Oohhs and Aahhs, get the lemon pepper wings with sides of greens and rice with gravy.

    1. Aama Vegetarian Kitchen in Georgetown for great masala dosa (catch the Georgetown Circulator bus from Union Station or Farragut North). It's hard to imagine that a fan of Amsterdam Falafel wouldn't like this place as well!

      1. blue buck pancakes or crab cake sandwich at Market Lunch at eastern market.

        1. Unless you're moving to Philly, go to Taylor Gourmet. The Cityvista location is Metro-friendly. I had found the hot sandwiches to be better than the cold.

          For a bar, the Saloon on U Street. Absolutely.

          1. If you like falafels, try Maoz in Dupon Circle. There are plenty of cheap Chinese places in the Dupont Circle/Farragut West area that are pretty decent. Go to a Salvadoran restaurant and eat pupusas. They are rarely more than $2.00 each and three would stuff you, plus you get curtido (a kind of coleslaw).