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Mar 16, 2010 06:29 PM

Anniversary Dinner Suggestions [London]

We are planning to be in London toward the end of April for our 25th anniversary and am looking for a place suitable for a celebration dinner. My wife has it in her head that she would like a restaurant near the river with a view. Any good suggestions for such a place? If not, than where else would you suggest? We like most types of food, but probably would not go Asian for this dinner. I lean toward somewhat newer, creative cuisine, but we could consider traditional, too. We are staying at the Landmark, but of course taking a taxi or the tube is not a problem. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. River Cafe. Most other restaurants along the river are fairly average - unfortunately in London, often the better the view the poorer the restaurant.

    1. i'd recommend the swan restaurant at the globe theatre. it's not posh/expensive but the views over the river are lovely, i really like the setting and the food is good - it's brasserie style dishes. it's overseen by mark sargeant who used to work for gordon ramsay.

      1. I'm not sure how legitimate it is to reply about restaurants I've never eaten at but there are two places I really want to eat for one of my future anniversaries. Moro on Exmouth Market and Konstam near King's Cross. The view at both of these places is not to be considered but the food is supposed to be excellent.

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          Moro is excellent, Konstam not really worth going out of the way for. Woudnt' really say Moro is necessarily an anniversary place though as it can get quite noisy and is not overally romantic (though some might say that is a good thing!)

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            Please do go ahead and mention places that you might not have eaten at yet, but heard were good. I'll look into them and seek out reviews. Thanks.

          2. I agree with the first post, it is difficult to find a great restaurant in London on the river. The river cafe may be great but it is also a bit of a hassle to get to out in Hammersmith.

            A couple of options that fit the bill and spring to mind are:

            (1) Oxo tower - great views, food is quite good but very expensive for what it is.
            (2) Galvin at Windows in the Hilton Hotel provides good views but I've only ever eaten breakfast there so can't comment on the food.

            Another compromise option to consider is the champagne bar called vertigo at the top of tower 42. Book early and request a table with a view of the river and st pauls and for me it is the best view in London. I often take friends and family that visit from out of town there to get the view and decent glass of champagne. From there you could eat at the gary rhodes restaurant in the same building (i have not done so though so can't comment) or head off somewhere else that may not have that cracking view but would give you a better chance at a great meal.

            Generally around London for the newer creative cuisine the most renowned restaurants are probably Maze or Hibiscus. I was disappointed with Maze but found Hibiscus great. Hibiscus tends to polarise people. Both are in Mayfair though so close to where you are staying but quite a hike from the champagne bar I just suggested (about a 30 minute cab ride). Closer to vertigo but in that style you could consider the Eastside Inn in Farringdon which . I've eaten lunch there a couple of times (only the bistro side) but have been very impressed and would recommend it. It has received mixed reviews from critics though.

            Anyway, probably a lot of waffle for not much actual direction, but hopefully it gives you a couple of helpful things to think about.....

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              the food at galvins at windows is good.

              they don't guarantee window tables when you book but each time i've arrived early for drinks in their bar (good views in all directions) and asked that they call us if/when a window table comes free. this has got us a window table each time.

            2. skylon has great river views. I'd compromise by having a drink at their excellent bar, and then going somewhere else for some serious food. I find japanese the most romantic cuisine, but to each their own.

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                I was going to mention Skylon but you beat me to it. Is the food there not worth bothering with? I've never been.

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                  It's not actively bad, but in my experience (this is several years ago mind) I would view it in terms of its D&D peers, as technically proficient recreations of contemporary standards lacking soul or sparkle. This is possibly very unfair, and as I write this I feel I'm casting terrible aspersions on what no doubt is a skilled and hard working kitchen, but I think the food turned out by D&D, Soho house group et al is the kind I'm predisposed to like but never love. Felt exactly the same at Dean Street townhouse, and Boundary more recently. So while I wouldn't dissuade anyone from eating there, to my mind the very nature of the stabled restaurant is to have been ironed of the kinks and idiosyncrasies which raise a restaurant to level of truly memorable.