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Mar 16, 2010 04:34 PM

New Orleans for Four Days - help me make my ultimate dining itinerary !

Hello New Orleans Chowhounders! First of all, I'd like to thank y'all for the comprehensiveness of this board. It has been VERY helpful.

We are foodies from Austin who love to eat, drink, and listen to live music. We are hoping to do all of the above during our four nights in New Orleans. We want to have some of that delicious cajun food (gumbo, po boys, etc.) but not for every meal. Austin is severely lacking in good Italian and Spanish food, so any places with that would be nice. We are also serious cocktail drinkers and would like suggestions on the best places for New Orleans specialties -- especially Gin Fizzes and Sazeracs.

We'll be staying uptown, FYI, but we'll have a car and are willing to use it. I would love your feedback and suggestions:

* dinner - not sure where, suggestions? I'm not sure when we are getting in, but it will
probably take us til 9 PM or so to get settled. Anything open late would be helpful


* breakfast - la boulangerie (croissants)
* lunch - shrimp & oyster poboys @ parkside tavern
* dinner - August
* drinks and music - Les Bon Temps


* lunch - galatoires
* dinner - Brightsens ? Cochon?
* drinks & music Maple Leaf Bar OR Tipitinas Uptown


* lunch: mr b's? (bbq shrimp) or Domilise's (poboys) or brunch @ commander's
palace?? or, is there a nice restaurant with great lunch specials that we should try?
* cocktails: Napolean House (FQ) &/or Old Absinthe House
* snack: cafe du monde
* dinner: Mimis (Marigny)
* drinks/music: Preservation Hall

* sunday brunch -- is there anywhere particularly special?

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  1. Be patient. You will get more good advice than you need. NOLA has the finest food in the USA. Brigtsens, Galatoire's, Mr. B's, Commanders Palace, Gautreau's, Clancy's, Jacques IMO, Elizabeth's, Domillese's, Antoine's, Stella, Bayona, Irene's, Cochon and Dick and Jenny's are just the start. Bon Appetit.

    1. Looks like you have good instincts and have made good choices. Here's my two cents.

      On Wed, you can eat after 9 at Domenica, which does excellent Italian food--small plates, entrees, salumi and cheese, fabulous pizza. Domenica's in the Roosevelt, where you'll also find the Sazarac Bar, where you can get that--you guessed it-- Sazerac (as well as a Gin Fizz).

      I wouldn't do Galatoire's (Friday lunch at G's can last a very long time!) and Brigtsen's on same day unless you have very big appetites; if so, go for it. Otherwise, you can get small plates at Cochon or next door at (Cochon) Butcher.

      I would do brunch on Sunday at Commander's and Sat. lunch at one of your other choices (or at Bayona, which has great lunch deals).

      Another drink/music options: Clever in Mid-city @American Can Company complex. Fantastic cocktails; excellent selection of wines by glass; cheese and pate plates; free music on weekends--great jazz quartet plays often (but not every weekend).
      And there's always Vaughn's, esp. when Kermit Ruffins is playing.

      Sounds like you'll be having a really good time.

      1. wed. nite try Boucherie -also uptown. call ahead to reserve

        1. +1 for Vaughn's on Thursday night.
          They don't serve adult beverages at Preservation Hall. That said, it is still worth stopping in. You might also try Hermes, the new bar at Antoine's. Glen David Andrews has been playing a regular gig there on Saturday nights. He's an amazing trombone player/vocalist and its a great only-in-NOLA show. Als no cover, just hit the tip jar accordingly.
          I would also recommend stopping by French 75, the bar at Arnaud's. The bartender, Chris Hannah, is pretty much the best in the city.
          Lastly, check out the Gambit (kind of like the Austin Chronicle) for music listings. Website:

          1. I'm going to chime in with my own upcoming (short visit) itinerary to compare/contrast, and maybe we can get some weigh-ins as well. I have explanations beside each on why I chose the places that I did and not others from a much lengthier list of worthy destinations. Of course, insight onto where I've been led astray is also appreciated.

            *Dinner - Cochon. A good introduction to the casual New Orleans vibe in both cuisine and atmosphere. I chose this over Dick & Jenny's even though this means I won't make it there because after a cross-country flight we'll be too tired to wait in line for a walk-in-only restaurant. If this is a "deadly" decision, let me know.

            *Lunch - Boucherie - I chose this over Mr. B's because besides the BBQ shrimp, I hear the menu is lackluster. Seems a good variety of dishes at Boucherie and not too pircey. I chose it over Commander's Palace because I'm not really a fan of sweet desserts (as their famous bread pudding is) or drinks (and the brunch is known a lot for the cheap Bloody Mary's). Also, I'll get to experience Commander's style cooking at Dante's Kitchen (see below).
            *Dinner - Parkway Tavern Po Boys OR Charlie's Seafood OR Crabby Jack's. I really want soft shell crab at some point at my visit, and the latter is more likely to have it. However, I want to beat the Preservation Hall crowd and showing up at opening time at 5:30 at Charlie's, not sure I can make it in time. Chose these two over Casamento's because I want the option of getting more than just fried oysters (I don't like raw or steamed), and if I didn't want that option, the po boys at Parkway are supposed to be better than the same at Casamento's. Also chose Charlie's over Crabby Jack's because I just haven't heard enough about the latter.

            *Lunch - day trip outside of N.O.
            *Dinner - Dante's Kitchen - seems to be getting all-around stellar reviews, and I'll get a taste of what a Commander's Palace interpreter is doing.

            *Lunch - one of the places I wasn't able to hit up previously. Cochon if I end up doing Dick & Jenny's on Friday. Crabby Jack's to compare against the po boys at Parkway. or Charlie's Seafood if I did Parkway on Saturday. Or Parkway if I did Charlie's or Crabby Jack's on Saturday!

            Crabby Jacks
            428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

            930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

            Casamento's Restaurant
            4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

            Commander's Palace Restaurant
            1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

            Dante's Kitchen
            736 Dante Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

            Preservation Hall
            726 St Peter St, New Orleans, LA

            Dick & Jenny's
            4501 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115

            8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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            1. re: mikeh

              Here's a vote for Crabby Jack's. They know how to fry seafood properly and they give you a ton of it - much more than the others mentioned - all very fresh (as with the others mentioned. Iw oudl rate Domolisi's #2 for po boys.
              I can't imagine going to New Orleans without going to Central Grocery and Commander's Palace.

              Crabby Jacks
              428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

              Commander's Palace Restaurant
              1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130