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Mar 16, 2010 04:16 PM

Finding grits in Edmonton

I'm looking for a store in Edmonton (or Calgary) that sells grits. I bought some in the US on a trip last year and I'm almost out and I haven't been able to find any. Suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Small grits are just a coarse grind of corn meal, available at any grocery store.

    Coarse grits or hominy is harder to find here. You might try a bulk food store or look in the Mexican section for dried cracked hominy, aka pozole. Looks like coarse cracked white (usually) corn.

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      It was definitely the hominy grits I'm looking for. Are there any grocery stores in Edmonton with a large or decent Mexican food section? I'll have to do so me scouting on my days off.

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        I know Walmart carries canned hominy. As for hominy grits, I can't guarantee it, but Paraiso Tropical might carry them...

    2. I tried to find some in Calgary. All I found was Bob's Red Mill corn grits (Polenta). It wasn't white grits like you probably bought in the US. I emailed Quaker and was told that they didn't sell any in Canada. I ordered some off an online grocery store.

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        Never thought to check an online grocery store. Is there one you recommend?

      2. I would also check SuperStore for this one too.

        1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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            Great Latino food store called Argyll Foods (Argyll Rd & 99 Street) might be a good place to try. They carry one of the largest selection of Latino foods in the city.