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Mar 16, 2010 03:38 PM

Upper West Side Birthday Dessert

Does anyone have any recommendations for great dessert or bakeries open late on the Upper West Side for a birthday? I'm looking for somewhere that would be open after a show, so a place with coffee and dessert that would be fun to go with a small group.

Also, does anyone know of any low-key but really great UWS sandwich places for lunch?

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Cafe Lalo on West 83rd is open late and is really a charming place. unfortunately, it was featured in a movie, so most locals have discredited it as a tourist place. maybe it is, but how many tourists come up to 83rd Street? about their desserts, i've had good and bad. carrot cake was excellent. creme brulee was horrible. tiramisu, excellent. pecan pie, horrible. it's a small place, so it may be tough to get in with a sizable group.

    depending on the time, Bar Boulud may seat you even though you're just having dessert.

    if your group is the type to have a drink at lunch, you could try Bin 71. It's a small place, but they have a nice wine list, decent beers and a light menu for lunch.

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    1. re: coasts

      >but how many tourists come up to 83rd Street?

      You would be surprised! Museum of Natural History alone is a pretty popular destination for tourists.

      Yeah, I've never not seen Cafe Lalo crazy-busy. Edgar's Cafe on 84th St. & Bway is a pretty good substitute. RIP Cafe Mozart.

      1. re: uwsister

        Depending on exactly where you are Edgar's has a second location now further up the UWS (Amsterdam at about 92nd-ish). Very pretty little space. I actually prefer Edgar's to Lalo.

        (I too miss Cafe Mozart - but I miss the one on 94th & Columbus from years ago that had the grand piano playing all evening.)

        1. re: LNG212

          Well, Edgar's is definitely our go-to spot since we haven't been to Lalo in years. I didn't know they added another location! Very cool.

        2. re: uwsister

          >You would be surprised! Museum of Natural History alone is a pretty popular destination for tourists.

          no doubt it is, but the museum closes early and Lalo is full all night.

          i live in the neighborhood (i'm guessing you do, too) and rarely see many tourists on the streets, other than by the park and museum.

      2. Would third Edgar's over Lalo -- Lalo is a scene and a bit crazy whereas Edgar's is a comfortable place and the desserts are at least worth the calories!

        Also depending on what style of dessert you want, Good Enough to Eat has some fantastic homey cakes -- it's a brunch place and the service is often terrible, but the cake is good. They usually have Coconut, Devil's food, German Chocolate, carrot, pies/cobblers and some specials. I still remember some sort of sponge cake special that they served with fresh blackberry sauce and real whipped cream one summer a few years ago. It's usually pretty low key but no idea how late they are open.