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Fagor Pressure Magic 8 qt marine pressure cooker VERSUS Kuhn Rikon 8qt

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Would love some input on who owns either and what you think of the one you have OR if you have the knowledge to compare and report here. Noticed parts to Kuhn Rikon (plastic top), (gasket) are very, very expensive. It seems parts to Fagor Magic are not as expensive,seems less parts to break, but I wonder how easy it is to get them and just how well this type of pressure cooker holds up. Kuhn Rikon is suppose to be top quality but plastic parts sort of is not the way to go it seems when putting out this amount of money for a KR. Love to hear from anyone on either. Then again these two are not exactly the same type of pressure cooker and in some ways can be used differently. Need any advise you can give me or any experiences..

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  1. Apart from the obvious difference in locking mechanisms, here's what (little) I know: You can pressure-fry in the Fagor Pressure Magic, but not in the Kuhn Rikon. However, the Fagor only reaches 10 psi, whereas the Kuhn-Rikon has a high pressure of 15 psi, so it will cook faster. Also, 15 psi is the level assumed by most pressure-cooker recipes, so if you're cooking at 10 psi you'll always have to make adjustments. (Other Fagor models do reach 15 psi, but can't be used for pressure-frying.) Gaskets for any pressure cooker aren't cheap, but in my experience they last a long time. The one that's currently in my K-R is at least 5 years old, gets frequent use, and is still in good condition. If the plastic part you're referring to on the K-R is the clip that holds the steam diffuser in place, then yes, it can break, and it's expensive to replace. The cooker actually works just fine without it, but doesn't look as nice. Apart from that, the K-Rs are really very well made. Hope this helps!

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      the Fagor futuro that I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond both reach 15 psi.
      I was about to buy the WMF and discovered on a website it is only 10.
      I could not locate a local Kuhn Rikon or I would have put my money there.
      But so far I am really happy with the Fagor Futuro line. Very good value.

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        I bought a WMF Perfect Plus cheap and so far I really like it. It's a toss up at the moment with my Kuhn Rikon as to which I prefer. Both have slight differences that tip the scale either way.

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          Sid, where did you get your good deal on the WMF cooker? I find the design very appealing (especially the removable handle) and periodically fantasize about buying one, but the prices seem to be high everywhere!

          1. re: Miss Priss

            I bought it off Ebay with a minor cosmetic defect in the handle. It arrived at my door for $63.

            1. re: Sid Post

              Thanks, Sid. That's a pretty amazing price! I'll have to watch eBay more carefully.

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          Idas, I was commenting only on the Fagor Pressure Magic, not the Futuro. As you say, the Futuro does reach 15 lbs psi. So do all the other Fagor models except the Pressure Magic, which is designed to fry in oil under pressure--something you can't (or at least shouldn't) do in the others. This was one of my sources for the information: