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Mar 16, 2010 03:12 PM

Halifax Barbeque

So, Halifax seems to be hitting - however late - the BBQ trend. Two new places opened recently - Boneheads and Q - and rumour of a Korean Barbeque place opening (E-Pin Grill House, to open on Barrington Street (Freemasons Building).

Anyone check out the already opened options yet? Or have further details on the latter (I heard about it via twitter)

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  1. I'm a big Boneheads fan! I've had ribs a few times as well as the pulled pork sandwiches and everything has been really tasty. The ribs are nice and tender but not fall off the bone mushy. The pulled pork is tender but if you get the sandwich eat it fast or it gets soggy! Make sure you ask for extra sauce as they don't always put it in the bag if you get takeout. The fries are really, really good as is the chili. I did get a nasty fatty piece of meat in the chili though. :(

    Be warned that the portions are huge! A rack of ribs and two sides is more than enough food for two people. Also, the banana pudding is amazing, it has vanilla wafers and is topped with whipped cream and caramelized walnuts. Try it!

    1. Boneheads is very good, and fast enough for lunch. The pulled pork is better than the brisket. Excellent beans and fries. Huge portions.

      1. A friend and I ate at Boneheads recently. We thought the ribs were very good. The pulled pork was good, but I prefer the more piquant Carolina style to the sweet style they serve. I also thought the pulled pork was a bit lean--it didn't have the decadent richness that results when you use a really well-marbled cut. To be fair, I think a truly well-marbled cut of any meat is pretty difficult to find these days.

        We were not impressed by the sides. I probably should have ordered fries, but got the sweet potato chips instead. These are probably great when they're first made, but they prepare loads of them in advance, and then store them in big plastic tubs. The coleslaw was flat-tasting, the dirty rice was okay but oversalted. The beans were okay, but a bit too loudly seasoned for me.

        I can imagine ordering the ribs to go, no sides, and bringing them home to pair with my own salads and sides.

        1. We're headed down that way in a couple of weeks and want to check it out so I was doing some advance intel on Google Maps. Is there any parking nearby if you want to eat in? Street view showed a plethora of no parking signs on the street and no obvious nearby lots that weren't associated with either an apartment or other business like Tim Horton's.

          Looking for some BBQ but not a ticket or a tow. ;)

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            If you're talking Boneheads there is just street parking around there but honestly, you'll most likely find something within a five minute walk, if not right outside the door. Smith Street is usually good for a parking spot or if you have to go "far" there are metered spots down by the train station.

            As for Q - where street parking there would be more of a challenge, there is a lot very close by on Granville at Blowers.

          2. I know this is an old thread but any updates on the "BBQ" scene in Halifax? I know you guys aren't known for BBQ but I am visiting from Toronto next weekend and kind of curious to try what your "best" spot is just to see.

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              Boneheads on Barrington still the go to spot, they love what they do and it shows

              Q recently closed
              Boneheads now has a 2nd spot but the original Barrington @ Inglis is the go to