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Lunch Options for TenleyTown?

Good, Fast, *cringe* inexpensive?

I'm looking forward to Pete's and Z-Burger, but I wonder what else is good in the hinterlands of the Red Line.

Thanks In Advance,

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  1. Pretty limited in that area. Right by the Metro, Nisha Thai and Masala Art both have lunch specials. There is also Crisp and Juicy, Guapos, and a little Italian place called Angelico, if you go north from the Metro station--on the East side of Wisconsin.

    If you go south on Wisconsin, right before Fannie Mae, there is a sandwich/deli shop called Franklin Grill. They have good sandwiches and salads. There is seating inside. A few doors over, there is Cafe Ole. They have Mediterranean mezza, salads and sandwiches. Prices are a bit higher than Franklin but they have real flatware and dishes. Lunch entree and drink would be about $15.

    1. Masala Art (very close to the metro) and Cafe of India (a few blocks up on Wisconsin) are both excellent in my opinion. I think they both have some kind of lunch special, although I have only been to dinner at those restaurants.

      I happen to like Crisp and Juicy for a quick and cheap lunch -- really enjoy their yuca fries.

      1. For fast and alright, Whole Foods and Marvelous Market both do the trick. I like Crisp and Juicy too, though it's not the best Peruvian chicken you're going to find in this area.

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          Skip crisp and juicy. It's neither and they nickel and dime you for every little thing. Much better pollo at other locations.

        2. Krupins or Mortys or whatever it is called now (a little north of the metro on the west side of Wisconsin) is a half decent Jewish deli.

          1. How's the Dancing Crab for supper?

            Dancing Crab Restaurant
            4615 41st St NW, Washington, DC 20016

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              Dancing Crab is a better bar than restaurant. The crabs are not always that fresh. Best food in Tenleytown is Masala Art and Cafe of India for Indian, Le Chat Noir for French and Yosaku for Japanese.

              Le Chat Noir
              4907 Wisconsin AV NW, Washington, DC 20016

              Dancing Crab Restaurant
              4615 41st St NW, Washington, DC 20016

              Masala Art
              4441 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, MD 20016

              1. re: hibye

                murasaki is far superior to yosaka.

                also, a pete's a pizza location will be opening soon

            2. Nothing spectacular in the area, but for sit down, I was really pleased with Masala Art's lunch buffet - (I think) $9.95. Franklin Grill is probably a bit far from the metro but they have a 6.95 lunch special (sandwich, side, and drink) that's a good value. I wish Angelico's sandwiches were better, but it's fine if you're craving a slice of pizza and coke (which I frequently am). They have lunch combos for 7.95. Always been disappointed at Neisha Thai so I don't bother anymore.

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                I second Yosaku for Japanese. Not a fancy place, but fish always seems fresh. We've eaten there a few times month over several years and it's always been a solid meal and a good deal with the money. I'd support Le Chat Noir too if the waitstaff, etc. weren't so snooty. Awful service and attitude if you don't order multiple courses (I.e. run up your bill). It also seems to be always filled with the 60+ crowd. Not sure why? Maybe only they can afford such a hefty bill for lunch.

                Le Chat Noir
                4907 Wisconsin AV NW, Washington, DC 20016