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Mar 16, 2010 02:34 PM

Veal demi glace recipe - need suggestions

I am ready to take on classic veal demi-glace, and am willing to devote a weekend to it. I have also located a source for the veal bones. Does anybody have a link to an authentic recipe? Am trying to avoid using thickeners like roux.


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  1. Basic classic demi-glace explanation, courtesy of Wiki:
    Old skool style FYI, with Espagnole (brown) sauce base (roux-thickened) and you really don't need to go through all that effort:
    New skool, with nice photos, reduction only, no roux, as a base for pan-reduced or roux-thickened sauces or glace de viande:
    See the Home Cooking Board Discussions, below, for more threads on this subject.

    I personally use something akin to the blog recipe, reduce the stock by at least half, and prefer Madiera to red wine.