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Mar 16, 2010 01:50 PM

North Vietnamese Food in NYC?

I lived in Hanoi until recently and became very fond of the food, especially two dishes: Bun Cha and Cha Ca, which I haven't found in NYC. Does anyone know if you can find them here? (Note: I've tried the Cha Ca at An Choi and it was simply not the same. The fish is supposed to cook in front of you and you put it together yourself.) I've been missing them a lot!


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  1. I have only had Cha Ca in the states in Westminster CA. I have never seen it done right in NY and would be very interested to see if it was

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      BoDeGa Bistro in S.F. serves Cha Ca. It's Hanoi style, but they don't cook it in front of you, but it's got the turmeric coating & dill. I've never seen it in NY.

    2. You mean like at Cha Ca La Vong? I don't think that exists in NY. Having been to Viet Nam only once, I feel that none of the Vietnamese food in NYC is like the food I had in Viet Nam.

      1. Pretty much all the immigrants are from South Vietnam, so you're not gonna find North Vietnamese food in NYC. A brief review of history will explain this phenomenon.

        1. NY's viet population is very small, so you're lucky to find decent viet food let alone regional food. So the answer is that I highly doubt you'll find a passable version in NY.

          Cha ca is one of my favorite dishes (viet food is one of my favorite foods...i live fairly close to little saigon in southern CA, ridiculous viet food); wish there was good viet food here)

          there is supposedly a small but growing viet population in the bronx, see this thread there are two viet restaurants (actually run by vietnamese, most of the ones are run by chinese people from vietnam...although in CA chinese-viet food is some of my favorite, but that's a different subject):

          1. If you go to Pho Bac in Elmhurst, they have bun cha. I didn't find it very good, but they do serve the noodles and meat/nuoc cham and greens separately. Yes, it is indeed difficult to find here.

            I'm not sure if Viet Cafe is still open, but I have seen bun cha on their menu as well.

            Viet Cafe
            345 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013