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Mar 16, 2010 12:57 PM

What should we order at Xanh in Mountain View?

Hubby and I are meeting another couple for dinner at Xanh on Saturday evening. We're planning to eat family-style, so we can sample as many dishes as possible. What are your favorites items and cocktails at Xanh?

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  1. I like:
    Shaking beef
    Rack of Lamb
    Get a couple of the rolls
    jumbo prawns with garlic noodles
    Xanh Salad
    Side of the eggplant

    didn't love the tamarind prawns

    1. My one time there the quality of the prawns in our Fighting Prawns was excellent. The rolls were the standout for me-- I especially liked one of the ahi tuna rolls. The Buddha Roll (my sister's favorite) was also very good. Please let us know how it turns out. I'm planning on organizing a chowdown here when the weather is more reliably warm to take advantage of the outside seating.

      1. Thanks for the tips, vis and charliemyboy! The four of us are pretty big eaters, so I have a feeling we'll try out quite a few items on the menu. From the photos and reviews I've read on Yelp, it looks like the portions there tend to run on the smaller side.

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          Consider just ordering two or three dishes at a time. That way you can calibrate the party and what dishes you're gravitating toward.

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            the sea bass is great but embarrasingly small...if it didn't taste so good i would be more even more upset!

          2. Reporting back on our dinner last weekend at Xanh. We were seated in the “blue room” directly behind the bar. We really liked this room a lot, as I think we would have felt a bit claustrophobic in the two smaller rooms towards the back of the restaurant. Our room felt very airy and light, especially with the windows facing the sidewalk. The banquet seats, however, were extremely uncomfortable because you can’t lean back into your seat. So unless you’re okay with absolutely no back report, definitely request a table with regular chairs.

            The food at Xanh reminded us of Slanted Door, but much cheaper. We’ve eaten at Tamarine with the same couple and we all agreed we preferred Xanh by a large margin. Since our dining companions are carnivores, our meal was very beef focused. We took bbulkow’s advice and started with four dishes and then later added the shrimp clouds and short ribs.

            We had the following:

            Grasshoppa cocktail – Refreshing and reminded me of a mojito.
            Basil lemon drop – Would have preferred stronger basil taste and less sugar.

            Xanh salad – Wow! We contemplated ordering a second salad because we liked the first one so much. Also a great value given the generous portion size. Came with about six pieces of beef that looked and tasted just like Korean bulgogi.

            Misfit roll – Meh, wouldn’t order again. Soft shell crab was almost nonexistent and the roll had an odd, stale fish taste.

            Small crispy shrimp clouds – Delicious and my second favorite dish after the Xanh salad.

            Jumbo prawns with garlic noodles – Yuck, noodles tasted like mush and were grossly overcooked. Definitely wouldn’t order again. Low value for four prawns and about a small fist portion size of noodles.

            Large shaking beef – Delicious and just as good as Slanted Door’s.

            Pineapple short ribs – Too fatty for my taste, but very popular at the table. Basically Korean kalbi with four spears of plain grilled pineapple.

            Regular drip coffee – Nothing special, but pretty good. Wish the cream came in small pitchers instead of a round cup which made it difficult to add to our coffee without creating a huge mess.

            All in all, we enjoyed our meal very much and thought it was pretty good value. Our dining companions have two small children and don’t get out very often, so they especially loved the ambiance and sexy look of the restaurant which reminded them of their life before kids. Service was very attentive and really added to our experience.

            Wish we lived closer so we could return more often. I really wanted to try the eggplant dish, but our male dining companion won't eat eggplant so that will have to wait for my next visit. Big thumbs up for Xanh.

            Slanted Door
            Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

            Tamarine Restaurant
            546 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301

            Xanh Restaurant
            110 Castro St, Mountain View, CA