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Mar 16, 2010 12:48 PM

Buford Highway Hidden Gems?

My husband and I want to explore more of the ethnic food restaurants in the Buford Highway area, but we aren't sure where to start. I'd be interested in knowing what are some of the excellent choices in the area.

Here are three of my favorites so far -

New Orleans style seafood - Crawfish Shack - 4337 Buford Highway
Dim Sum - China Delight - 2390 Chamblee Tucker Road
Lebanese - Lawrence's Cafe - 2888 Buford Highway

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  1. I recommend Rincon Latino for pupusas and other Salvadorean food.

      1. a friend who lives in Shanghai took me to Canton House on Buford highway.He orderd for us in Chinese and half the folks there were speaking Chinese--excellent,and i never would have went but for my friend

        1. Wan Lai is excellent Cantonese. The casseroles and the 3 kind dumpling soup are fantastic. The beef chow fun dry style is a favorite comfort food.

          It's BYOB, just so you know.

          1. Also, El Rey Del Tacos- I love their fish tacos, and the sauces they bring to the table. Be prepared that it's very loud.