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Mar 16, 2010 11:48 AM

Keene, NH vs. Brattleboro, VT: How would food scene factor in to moving decision?

Getting ready for a mid-summer move to the area (from central Michigan- a food desert if there ever was one; thus, my expectations for food are at rock bottom, and can only go up from here). We are weighing many factors in choosing to live in either Keene, NH or Brattleboro, VT, but one of them is where we will spend most of our time eating and drinking when we go out. Our food tastes are fairly broad, tending towards preferences for Italian, Indian, Thai, craft beer and good bar food, vegetarian-friendly. Really, we have spent a lot of time driving all over Michigan looking for fresh, locally sourced, homemade food and want to have easy access to this type of food, with minimal chain restaurants dotting the landscape, in whichever town we end up in. I've been reviewing some of the postings here but haven't been to either town yet. Would be curious- if you had to pick which town you spend more time in, to what extent is that decision based on food and drink? What makes one town "better" or "more fun" than the other? How often would you be willing to drive to one town for its food/bar scene if you lived in the other town, and how annoying would the drive be? Which one has the best beer bars and access to unique craft beers in grocery stores? Thanks for any opinions on this...

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  1. You'll probably get more response if you post this on the Northern New England Board. Good luck.

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      Sorry, just checked the NNE Board and see that you did.

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        Thanks, Phil. Still trying to figure out the geography of who goes where in NE-I will check back over on the other board!

    2. Brat. You definitely want to be in Brat. The Co-op has great food, local produce, and a killer bulk department. I always stock up on their bulk honey and maple syrup when I'm in the area.

      1. As a resident of Keene, and having grown up in metro NY/NJ, I would say Brattleboro if food and beer is your primary criteria. Better diversity in that realm. Keene is a wonderful town though, good schools and family oriented. Much more upscale than Brattleboro, but Bratt has a better farmer's market and is more artrsy. Bratt, does, however, have a bit of a rough edge with a more obvious drug and violent crime problem. The travel distance is 15 miles betwween the 2 towns so I am in Bratt frequently. I would check both out if i were you.....