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Mar 16, 2010 10:24 AM

Birthday party catering for in-home Baltimore gathering

Hubby's birthday party this Saturday- small gathering of about 12 adults. We live in Roland Park and I would love to purchase food from a local restaurant/caterer to feed my friends. (Hubby and I have plans together in the late afternoon, so I'm unable to spend large amounts of time in the kitchen.) He loves indian, italian, sushi, almost everything (not chinese).
Does anyone know of a nearby spot that caters for this size group? We could do pick-up, but I would prefer delivery.
Thanks b-more hounds!

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  1. not a restaurant but Eddies of Roland Park does catering:

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      Eddie's catering is a solid choice. Nothing will blow your mind, but it'll be classic and tasty.

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      1. What about getting a selection of food from Belvedere square? You could get fresh breads, cheese, and salads from Atwaters, Italian delicacies from the Italian market (Ceriello), and even sushi from Ikan. If you want delivery and just one type of cuisine, Ceriello also does traditional catering:

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