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Mar 16, 2010 10:01 AM

Help, please! Looking for a fun place to have food/drinks with large group (not a sit down meal)


I am trying to organize a reunion of sorts, with a bunch of old friends. I am looking for a place where a group of about 10 (guys and girls) thirtysomethings can go, have some drinks, and enjoy some small plates / appetizers, in a fun setting. Something informal, like a place with couches and tables, along with music - on the louder end of the noise scale, because I'm sure that's where we'll land!! Location is not really important. Any recommendations / suggestions would be very helpful!


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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      Otto is a great suggestion, but isn't it more of a sit-down meal? Or do they have a more casual area I don't know about. I'm more looking for almost a bar/lounge (chairs and couches) that has some food. Thank you

      1. re: wpfoodie

        They don't have couches....but the front area of Otto is a bar area. It's definitely not a lounge though.

      1. re: bkfan16

        Pranna looks like a possibility. Maybe even something a little more casual would be ideal. Thanks for the suggestion

      2. Spitzer's Corner or Loreley or Zum Schneider would all work. Loreley has a nice little outdoor garden.

        1. I would suggest The Globe on 23rd street. They specialize in parties and I don't think it even costs anything. It has a decent food and beer selction and couches, tables etc. for lounging with two bars- one in front and one in back.