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Mar 16, 2010 08:59 AM

Wedding cake recommendations? TORONTO

I'm looking for a bakery that makes tasty wedding cakes. We're more concerned with flavour and texture than appearance. Also, I'm trying to keep our budget in mind. We're planning to get a small decorative cake, and 1 or 2 sheet cakes in different flavours to serve for dessert.

We're going to Dufflet's today. They have nice cakes, but I sometimes find them too dense.

Any other recommendations are greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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  1. We got ours from the Wedding Cake Shoppe. While other places like Dufflet and I-Cakes had nice designs, we really didn't enjoy the cakes. Most of the cakes we'd tasted at weddings were really anti-climactic, with super sweet fondant covering dry sponge. Wedding Cake Shoppe was a bit more expensive (so we settled on a very simple design), but the cake itself was incredible. The buttercream was light and well flavoured. We actually ran out because our guests couldn't get enough (perhaps also because I stole the top tier for myself...). We ended up with plenty of comments from our guests on how they had never had cake like that at a wedding before. The flavours we paired were vanilla with guava buttercream and chocolate with hazelnut buttercream. As a bonus, Cindy and Sarah's episode of Food Network Challenge aired on rerun the night after our wedding!

    Regardless of where you book tastings, try to order a fresh cupcake to take home if they have something like that available. The samples you get from the higher-throughput bakeries like Dufflet's are often defrosted, so if you're really particular about your cake, this won't give you the best impression.

    You mentioned that budget and flavour are the major concerns. I'd suggest going in with a simple design in mind (minor piping, simple ribbons, etc.) to help compare the quotes you get. Dufflet's isn't too bad, but I-Cakes and some of the others can definitely overload you with designs and displays, and it's distracting when all you want is good cake!

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      Wedding cake shoppe sounds great, but unfortunately they're already booked for our date!

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        Have you considered other options outside of a traditional tiered wedding cake? Keep in mind that these cakes are showpieces, so flavour is sacrificed for structural integrity and smooth finishes. If you're not fixed on a stacked cake, but still want a nice display/photo op, you could look into floating tiers of cakes from more popular places like La Rocca (basically individual round cakes on individual tiered supports). For our wedding, this was filed under "bad ideas by the groom," but it can provide a nice display, with the bonus of letting you choose higher quality/lighter cakes and a bigger variety of flavours.

        In addition to wedding cake shoppe, I'll suggest trying Sweet Olenka. Irresistible cakes is good too if you need to worry about lactose/nut-free options.

        I thought cake tasting would be the best and easiest part of wedding planning...

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          I work as a coordinator in Toronto and I would recommend I DO wedding cakes. Olivia the owner makes some amazing flavors, and if you tell her the people at Lustre Events sent you I'm sure she will give you a fare price. Her prices are very reasonable for quality of workmanship and the flavor, In fact I am using her for my own wedding in October. I have never had a dry or underdone cake from her in my time working with her. I would recommend against Irresistible cakes if you are going for flavour and texture.

          1. re: mlukan

            How unfortunate that the Wedding Cake Shoppe is booked on your date! They will be making the cake for my wedding this summer. Their cupcakes are delicious and I love trying all the different flavours ... it's going to be tough to choose one/two for the big day.

            When I was shopping for cakes, I contacted WCS and I Do wedding cakes. Unfortunately, I Do wedding cakes took much, much too long to get back to me (over two weeks), so I chose WCS. I never got to sample I Do's cakes, and based on the above recommendation, maybe I was just unlucky...

            I've tried I-cakes, and unless your crowd has a lot of dietary restrictions, I would say you're better off with somewhere else.

            1. re: bunnylicious

              I had my wedding cake made by Sweet Olenka in South Etobicoke - chocolate truffle. Her cakes taste the best! Very high quality ingredients. We continually go to Olenka for all our birthday cakes and party cupcakes. Great chocolate truffles, ice cream, and chocolate bars too.

              1. re: mispiggy

                I also was looking for taste over looks in my wedding cake.
                We got our wedding cake from Sweet Olenka because of the great internet reviews. It was amazingly good. Many of our guests came up to us afterwards and said that it was one of the best wedding cakes they have ever had, and we ran out really quickly because people were eating a second and third piece. We didn't get a giant cake because from previous experiences I know a lot of people don't eat or like wedding cake, but this time it wasn't the case.
                Also, the flavours that we got were very unique, not your traditional chocolate or vanilla. We had one layer of pumpkin spice with caramel icing and the other layer citrus-chocolate cake with grand marnier icing. And on top of it, they were very reasonably priced. I think ours ended up breaking down to about $4/piece. I totally recommend them if you're looking for a unique and really tasty cake.

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          If you don't mind my asking, how much is the simple design cake from The Wedding Cake Shoppe you got?

          The Wedding Cake Shoppe
          859 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

        3. We got our cake from

          Really delicious and light. Absolutely gorgeous as well.

            I can't recommend Cakes by Natalie enough. She did a cake for a special birthday party for my wife (and two other birthdays) and it looked beautiful/one of a kind but more importantly it was hands down the best tasting cake I've ever had. She will work with you to ensure your budget/expectations are met. I wish I had know about her when I got married.

            1. hi,

              we opted for cupcakes and a massive dessert table/buffet for our wedding. we went with the dessert lady ( so accommodating. not to mention AWESOME quality, flavours, service, reasonably priced etc. etc. we also ordered a small cake for my cousins' kid's birthday (same day as our wedding) ... it was delish. i know she does formal wedding cakes too ... check it out.

              1. Found! I recently located Mitchel's Cakes in Whitby, run by Pam & Brent Mitchel. The cake we ordered was a small wedding cake - enough to serve 40 and I selected 2 flavours - carrot for the top layer and lemon for the bottom. The icing was butter cream and quite elaborate with all sorts of lovely romantic words in white icing on the large layer with a moss green ribbon and the top layer had the same ribbon, white icing swag infilled with baby pink. Top of the cake were sugar roses with moss green leaves and a pink sugar butterfly.

                The cake was fresh, moist, delicious and the icing was traditional butter cream. Cutting the cake was easy - no falling apart, knife moved through easily and the slices stayed intact to the plates. Everyone asked for seconds (!) and enjoyed the 'real' cake experience.

                Mitchel's service a dream. Cost reasonable ($100) and they worked on a custom approach with attention to detail and a very nice interaction. Great experience! Highly recommend them! Online at and available via phone at 416 737 3303.