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Mar 16, 2010 08:58 AM

Need Recipe Please!!

I am preparing and serving a brunch to about 250 people this coming Sunday, and am grocery shopping tomorrow. I am having trouble finding a recipe for a quiche that can be made in full hotel pans. I have plenty of pans, thinking that I probably need about 20 or 30 pans. If anyone knows a good egg/cheese/spinach or broccoli and or sausage, etc recipe I would be forever grateful!

Thank you.
p.s. this my first post to ANY kind of internet thing :)

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  1. I would suggest posting your question at where a large number of professional chefs and caterers hang out and answers to your dilema are typical. Try the caterers forum or the recipes forum for starters.

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      Thank you so much! I posted there just now!


      I have made this quiche several times. Usually, I split it in two so I can make different flavors and cook them in two 11x7 pans, so I would imagine it would work in a hotel pan. I modify the recipe by using whatever vegetables I have on hand and have never added the potatoes called for.

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        Recipe sounds great, thank you. I think I am looking for something with a little less ingredients. It's for a fundraiser meal and I need to control my costs like crazy. Thank you for replying!

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          Here. Over 1000 quiche recipes sorted by highest rating. A bunch are crustless. Most are for 9 inch pie so multiply ingredients by 2 1/2 for a hotel pan: