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Late Night Lobster

I'll be part of a group of 8 looking for lobsters after attending the Celtics game with a bunch of out-of-towners on the Friday of Easter weekend. I'm expecting we can make it to a restaurant by 10:30. We can take cabs across town if necessary but I was hoping to find something not too far from the Garden. I see that Legal takes reservations at 10:30 but no later and I'm spooked that they will be rushing us out the door. Is this likely? Any other suggestions?

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    1. Yeah, I have to agree with the suggestion of Chinatown. Not your usual lobster, but still lobster. Maybe try New Jumbo Seafood on Hudson St.

      1. Scampo has lobster, dinner is served til 11pm, not too far from the Garden

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          FYI, Scampo told us last Monday that the kitchen closed at 10p except for "pizzas at the bar".

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't think about chinatown. But this is a group from WAY out of town...Switzerland. I think they're looking for a more traditional preparation. But I will check with them. Scampo looks good too.

          1. Skipjack's on Clarendon?

            1. It looks like most of the Legals are open later on Friday nights. Park Square will take reservations until 11:45PM, and the Pru location takes reservations until 11:30 PM. (At least according to opentable.com)

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                That could work. I also saw that Oceanaire takes reservations until 11. (according to opentable!)

              2. Whatever restaurant you choose, I might suggest making the reservation, then calling back a few days before and asking to speak to a manager. Explain your circumstances and also alert them that you have some visiting friends who are most likely interested in lobster. Hopefully with that call, your reservation will get noted that you aren't a "No Show" if you are a few minutes late and someone will let the kitchen manager know to perhaps add 6 more lobsters to Friday's delivery.

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                  That's a good point. Especially with people coming so far, you don't want to be roaming around at 11PM..looking for a lobster dinner.

                  I'd probably call Legal's on Long Wharf...and reconfirm. They're probably best equipped to handle your group if the game runs late.

                2. Summer Shack and Kingfish Hall are open until 11. Neptune Oyster is open until 12, but I'm not sure when they stop serving, and I believe it's no reservations. Also a tight space.

                  1. Just wanted to provide a belated followup to my original query regarding a quest for lobster at 10:30. As suggested by mikeinboston, I contacted Legal the day before our reservation and explained the situation. The manager assured me that we would not be the last diners if we arrived at 10:30 and there would be no problem getting lobsters. Of course, the Celtics game we were at went to overtime! I called to explain we'd be about 15 minutes late for our reservation. No problem. And it wasn't. The servers did not hurry us and we had a great meal. The food was typical Legal: straightforward and well prepared. My Swiss friends had a great time picking through their lobsters while wearing the plastic bibs!
                    Thanks for the suggestions, hounds.