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Mar 16, 2010 07:55 AM

Where will you watch World Cup?

I'm looking to find good soccer bars to watch the upcoming World Cup. What places would be best to see specific countries. My new favorite is Woodwork in Prospect Heights, but would love to get other ideas.

The better the soccer crowd, the better the bar!

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  1. I think you can safely watch with wild fanatics if you seek out any ethnic NEIGHBORHOODs, walk their main drag, peek into windows and feel the power emanating from within.

    Some key soccer boulevards would be Court Street and 18th Avenue (Italy) in Brooklyn, 37th Avenue / Roosevelt Avenue - Jackson Heights (Latin American, Uruguay, Argentina, etc.), Ferry Street in Newark (Portugal & Brazil), and the list goes on and on. How about West 32nd Street for Korea? Lots of spots for Mexico. Upper East Siders might be pulling for England or USA or Germany - and I don't have to tell you how many viewing choices you'll have.

    Don't just freeload and watch, order food and some signature homeland drinks!

    Check the schedule'll maximize thrills by being there when the "home team" plays.

    I recently returned from South Africa and the "countdown clocks" are ticking away in every corner of the country. For the most authentic sound sensation of all, carry your "vuvuzela" with you and toot away!

    1. I watched a lot of Euro 2008 at Soda Bar on Vanderbilt, mainly b/c it was close and I could bike over really easily. There weren't many people there on weekdays at noon, but by the final, it was so packed, I couldn't get in. The crowd is what you'd expect, young, yuppie/hipster, not particularly one ethnicity, but enthusiastic. I liked the camaraderie of the people who were sneaking out of work at noon to watch games :) Barbes in Park Slope was showing games, too, and I'd imagine the crowd there would be similar.

      Floyd's NY is popular, a lot of England fans judging by an argument I got into during the last World Cup. They show EPL games during the year.

      I heard La Nacional in Manhattan is the place to be for Spain fans.

      32nd St. between 5th and 6th Avenues in Manhattan will be overrun, literally, with Korea fans. Usually, they air the games on a jumbotron and the street is just jammed with crazy Koreans. The restaurants do, too, though you really have to get there early. Will be interesting to see if they promote the North Korea games, too.

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        Four years ago I caught a lot of games at the Bohemian Hall beer garden. They rented some big TV for outside. The game times seemed mid afternoon, so it wasn't packed, but had people from everywhere. Czechs, of course, but Brazilians, French, Germans, Japanese. There was even a group of genuine British hooligans at one of their games. It was a great scene.
        I think a lot depends, for me, on what time of day most of the games will be. If they are at night, say from 6-9, Bohemian Hall could be a hassle. If that's the case, I'll hit local Irish bars in Sunnyside and Woodside.

        Bohemian Hall
        2919 24th Ave, Queens, NY 11102

        1. re: AppleSister

          Thanks AppleSister, those are all great suggestions.

          1. re: eglazarev

            South Africa, of course. (Seriously, and I'm very excited. Whole other Chowhound board to explore.)

            But yeah, find the largest spaces for particular nationalities and get there at least two hours early. Mike R. is right - follow the "home team" and you'll have a great time. Bar Tabac is great for French fans, although it is very tiny.

            Bar Tabac
            128 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

            1. re: lambretta76

              Found another one - could be the quintessential - "Soccer Tavern" - corner of 8th Avenue & 60th Street in Brooklyn Chinatown.

              VERY old-fashioned.

              1. re: Mike R.

                Yup - but it should be noted that I went in there on a World Cup qualifier evening one night and basketball was on the television. I wasn't about to ask that the channel be changed.

                1. re: lambretta76

                  Wherever we choose to watch them, it is advisable that we carry our vuvuzelas with us...for authentic host-country sound effect. Anyone who's been to South Africa knows exactly what I mean.

                  One long blast and you might get some attention - and control of the clicker.

        2. I'm wondering if Der Schwarze Kolner will play games. I think the owners is an old footballer in Cologne. That's the place I'd like to be to watch it; imagine if they put up some screen in the beer garden...

          Der Schwarze Kolner
          710 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217